Tuesday, April 28, 2009

MAC Mineralized Blush In Love Rock Grand Duo Collection

You guys all know I am not that much of a MAC fan and I haven't been tempted by any collection they have, but I knew I had to get Love Rock mineralized blush the moment I saw that creepy promo image, as I was looking for a cool pink blush (somewhat fuchsia like) for a long time.
And you know, I got it the first day it was released and for the last month, I have been playing with the blush and trying to love it (Read "I am not liking it all that much.")

The blush is baked (why do they call it mineralized blush anyway, just to be in the mineral bandwagon I guess...the blush itself is a "natural" as Pamela Anderson...) and shaped like dome. The volume isn't much more than the Bourjois round pot but they managed to make it look much bigger I guess it would be easier to get the thing out with a fluffy brush then?
Love Rock is a cool pink blush with some purple veins on the other side...the texture is relatively fine (reads " gritty compared to the other powder blush I have." ) but definitely not silky, the pigmentation is there yet the finish is transparent (don't you hate those powdery blushers?) I used my Stila #21 to apply it with a light hand and it was easy to grab the color.

I liked the color...but then I found there is really nothing special about it, the (way too) shimmering pink looks nice but there is nothing more to it beside a slight flush and some obnoxious golden shimmers that looks anything but natural, it's not cool and in-your-face as the gold flecks in Super Orgasm yet it's not like a light sheen from Benefit Coralista ...It's just shimmer and more shimmer...

And this...is pink...Did I mention I absolutely hate pink?Love Rocks just looks pink (blush side) and pink (msf side)...Unlike the others colors, I can only use it as a blush since both side are too pink to be used on eyes. (eye infection anybody?)

I guess I will just wait for the time I like pink (I never really liked the color) You know there are some aunts who used tons of girly stuff just to "cling to their youth"? Let's hope I don't like pink just because of that...


  1. Hahaha you hate pink.. how did you get your hands on this then?! :P A cool pink blush.. you don't like too much shimmer.. you should check out NARS Desire!

  2. Yea this blush looks so frosty!! I just started using pink blushes and most of them are pretty garish looking...I second Fuz, try NARS Desire! It is matte and oh so pretty.

  3. I've seen these and I chose this over the "light over dark" the SA kept on telling me the Light over Dark works better, so I gave in, and I nearly returned it because I find it looks like my Stila's Shimmer Bronze blush! but well, I'm starting to find ways to like it :) thanks for your review on this, I'm glad I didn't purchase 2 as it's nothing too exciting anyways :D

  4. Hi Fuz & Audrie:
    For the past few month I have been pretty obsessed with the color bight fuchsia and I thought I didn't have a bright power blush to matched the mood...They the grand duo collection came out and Love rock looks so pretty (in the pan)...so I just caved in....

    I heard a lot raving about nars desire but some people said that it's that kind of cute girly pink (my skin is already pink to start with so I might look like a clown afterward...)I am thinking about something that's more peachy, so I might go for luster...


    Light over dark is actually the one I liked when I was at the counter, it seems so versatile...

    I think when Stila is back on rolling, I am going to the the baked cheek trio...since I do like all of their cheek products...




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