Thursday, March 12, 2009

About MAC Grand Duo and Sephora Trip

Remember I was so excited about Grand Dur last week? Well, the flame of excitement was somewhat diminished since I was told they are very shimmery and not that long lasting...Then you know, I decided to go see them myself...So I went to MAC counter at the Saks today to take a look. (MAC store was way too far away and I am afraid that I will be too tempted by the large display...)

So, here are some of my thoughts about the trip.

1. Love Rock, Moon River and Light over Dark looks gorgeous in the pan...(The brown and cream in Light over dark look like baked sweet!)

2. Love Rock is just the blue pink with gold shimmer I am looking for...Nice color pay off as well.

3.Moon River, once apply on the skin, reminds me of Nars Orgasm...minus the peachy pink part.(In a nutshell, it doesn't give much color but will make you glow like a light bulb )

4. The white nail color from MAC Hello Kitty looks just like white-out on my nail, except it has some amazing staying power...

5. It would not be difficult to find dupes for the Gray and Pink one either (as I already have them)


Of course, I picked up Love Rock...Then I was playing with some Hello Kitty items, guess what...they still had last of each shade of the tinted lip conditioners


And since Sephora was a few steps away... I also dropped by (I usually try to avoid going to Sephora because the packaging and colors of high ends products are so pretty, in addition to the sales assistant going "I love that shade on you!" ...I always over spend...) I see a coupe of interesting products this time so the list goes on as

6.From what I saw, the best seller in the Sephora by O.P.I was a shimmery teal called skinny jeans, it's the perfect shade of teal (right between blue and green), a bit bluer than Wet n Wild Caribbean frost and a bit greener than Bijou Bleu...I almost picked it up...then I realized that I already have a Borghese limited edition in my mind...It's a dollar cheaper (I am waiting for a sale though) and very dreamy looking...

7.I could totally do a forced marriage between the Wet n Wild polishes since I got the two for one dollar.

8.Too faced has a new limited edition flat (so it looks like the head of a foundation brush) kabuki brush for only $12.5 ,the brush is so freaking soft I love it a lot more than their big retractable kabuki and the 14 dollars tiny Sonia Kashuk retractable brush, which has its head fell of btw...Go Grab the Flatbuki!

9.Green Lip Gloss Lovers! Sephora has Granny Smith-apple-colored green lip balm in a slid off tin that looks really pretty! (They smell like mint...I prefer fruity scents though...)

10. If you want cute brushes with good quality, try tarte!

11. Their (Tarte's) natural cheek stains smell funny.

12. Stila's pomegranate crush, exclusively sold by Sephora, looks absolutely beautiful...Since I know that the 2.4ml bit of stain will last me no longer than 3 weeks if I use it everyday...I didn't chip in the $24.

13. In real life, Stila's Perfectly Pearl Palette has the most beautiful, substantial-looking compact ever...It's 100X prettier than my Anna Sui junks...The shadow inside are alright(since I have a lot of them already...) But the size is tiny though...

Photo courtesy of and I can't think of anything else at this moment...Pictures will come later as I am waiting for a nice sunny day...I was wearing short shorts two days ago and now I am huddling in my thick scarf and jacket...


  1. I know! What's with this weather?!! xD

  2. ooohh a lot of cute stuffs!!!! Do you know that we're just getting Hello Kitty collection this March 21st? lol I wonder when we'll get this Grand Duo :)

  3. Hi Fuzz:

    The weather here is indeed crazy...I remember a few years ago I was wearing miniskirt on Christmas day...I need sunshine, at least to take nice pictures...


    Hi Nikki:
    How exciting! I went there and saw the hello kitty line up...the palette wasn't all that pretty (not even 1% cute as stila pearl) the nail colors are blah...but the little balm in a jar...they got me...

    And if you do get the grand duo, that would be great, I already want to go back for the brown one...


  4. I actually don't own the Kitty polish colours - so that's my excuse :-P ^_^.
    That mint gloss/balm looks really appealing ;)...
    And the Stila palette. Ah, that palette :D...I've been craving it since I saw the swatches on Watercolour Sky, and maybe I should go to Sephora and check it out...Maybe I will :) ;D.

  5. Oh man, this post totally makes me want to go to Sephora. That's definitely one of the things I miss from when I lived in the US lol.

  6. Hi Cris:
    Why do you have to show it to me? Now I want the palette as well...that's a pretty profile picture btw...

    Hi Pixie:

    Now I think of's is good to be in the US if you are a beauty product addicts...I am form Canada and I never really felt like spending with that retail price and sale tax...but then I didn't have a job when I was there either...

  7. You make me want loads of stuff too (and half the time I can't even buy it in this country >:-D), it's only fair :-P.
    And thanks :) ^_^. It's from a contest entry ;). You can look at the 'contest' tag on my blog - if you want to, of course :-P.

  8. You make me want lots of stuff as well, everything is soo cute! It's a good thing I don't have a Sephora store near me or I'd be broke lol.

    The only thing I got from the HK collection is the deep blue green pigment. Everything else looked kinda boring... I'm excited about the grand duos collection though.


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