Thursday, January 15, 2009

Stila Convertible Color on Lips

As some of you know from my previous post. Stila convertible color in Fuchsia is my 2nd favorite blusher (my number 1 being Cherry Crush) . While they are supposed to be dual use, I never bothered to try them on my lips. Well, I actually tried the lillium and gerbera on my lips, and they just made my lips look natural dry and pale...Nude lips might be a trend nowadays, but so pale that it makes me look sick, nuh-uh...

Anyway, a few days ago I stopped by a blog and see that blogger wore the once in fuchsia quite well so I decided to give it a try as well.

Click here to see what the cute compacts look like.

Now back to topic and let's see the swatch.

Peony on its own, it's a very creamy color with very nice coverage, the color is more pink (with some peachy sheen) on my cheek but more of an creamy peachy nude on my lips, which reminds me of MAC lipstick in freckletone. Althought it;s creamy, the finish is a little bit on the dry side.

With Lancome Juicy Tube in Sun Bronze that gave a little sheen on it.

Fushcia looks more of a pink flush on my face, but it's obviously more vibrant and eye-catching on the lips. Under the light it's a beautiful cold pink and I bet the color is ideal for party-goers who dosen't want to do much on their faces.

It's a bit too much for the day though...

A little tip/trick If you are mildly obsessive compulsive about using something both as a blusher and lip color, use a blotting paper (which usually have a smooth and non-penetrating surface) and press it on the top of the pan, you can use the cream stick on the paper on your cheek and clean it at the same time and the bigger contact area makes it easier to blend the cream blush!


  1. Great idea on the blotting paper! love it! will try it!!! :)

  2. That is a really great idea on separating the cases. Never thought of it! Been just using one side as blush, and the other as lips. Thanks for the tip :)


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