Monday, October 20, 2008

Stila Convertible Color: The compacts are so cute!

The winter is almost here (I am still wearing short sleeves shirt here in Texas) , it means I might want some dewy cheeks instead of color...Well, I just can't say no to the beautiful floral package of Stila Convertible color, not to mention... they name the shade with flowers too! Shown here is Stila Convertible Color in Peony and Duo in Lillium and Gerbera.

So here is nnother one-is-never-enough post...I am thinking about getting the one in Orchid (Does it mean that I need to chip in 50 bucks for a set ? ) Or maybe fuchsia and Poppy...I never have anything in that color, it may be fun to try...

Blushers are so much fun to play with!


  1. ohh I've used this one from a friend and the color payoff is really really nice~

  2. The packaging is soo cute!!

  3. Hi, Nikki and Gio:

    Yup Stila is all about nice color and cute packaging...I just bought another one of these! In fuchsia...(that color has the highest rating in makeup alley out of all convertible colors.)



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