Saturday, January 24, 2009

SPA time for the lips

A simple (The procedure is simple but there are some explanation paragraphs just so that it make sense to you) lip care method I found out a while ago. Satisfaction is not guaranteed but it works for me, so it might works for you, who knows?

Here is what you will need.

1. Whitening Facial Wash

Japanese whitening face wash like this work and doesn't work at the same time: While it doesn't contain any skin bleaching agents that "changes" your skin tone beyond its natural capacity. Most of them contain just a bit amount of softener of dead skin cells on the epidermis to create that transparent and "white" effect. I always thought that it rubs away something on my face (no it doesn't contain any micro grains like mica, which kinda scratches...) For extra thin skin on the lips, I couldn't find a more gentle exfoliant...Oh, just don't get in in your mouth...

A lip mask is good in a way that the exfoliant is design for the lips...but still, using it more than you need can cause bloody moths...and that is scary looking and disgusting

2. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is basically water to me it's simply more convenient to use since it's in gel form. Use a drop to prime before apply lip balm ,like showing before putting on lotion have the best result. Use it alone made my lip dry out even more though...

4. A petrolatum (Vaseline) based lip balm or just plain petrolatum...(a bit a peppermint oil can sooth discomfort caused by dryness.)

Out of all the lip balm I've tried, petrolatum based provide best moisture, since wax based only seal in what you have (if you have dry lips, it pretty seal in "nothing") and oil based doesn't quench your dried up lips...petrolatum is the way too go. A thick layer of it over night is good enough to soften any flakiness. (I don't usually use lip balm during day though...I just think that I have more worry swallowing the chemical sunscreen than getting lip balm with physical sunscreen always leave white cast...)

5. A hot Steamy Shower

6. A beauty sleep, preferably 8 hours or more

Just take a hot and steamy shower in the evening before you sleep... (make sure it's not too hot that you end up dehydrating yourself.) And clean your lips with a face wash like the medicated whitening wash from Kanebo, after the shower, apply a generous amount of lip balm then go to sleep with it.

Yup...That's what I got waking up with the sunshine...Now do I even need that many lip gloss? (I put a lip product ban on myself by the way...for the year of 2009 or until I finished 50% of my stash...)


I know I don't use lip balm that much, but I have a lot of them anyway. Check out the review here : Lip Balm Galore Part I and part II and if you like lip balm in green and lilac Check out mt review for MAC Tendertone.


  1. is that your secret to your lovely lips???? accckk thanks for sharing! I gotta try it! hahahaha

  2. I think it's more or less common sense...but there is a open-secret: I try to not use lip balm all the time (just makes them drier)and there is a rule to ugly lips though...:licking and biting...


  3. Thanks for the tip, I will try it.

    I am addicted to lip balm. I use it everyday and even before I go to bed. I think it's more of a psychological need that anything else for me really.


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