Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bonnie Bell Rolly Lip Smacker Lip Gloss

It usually takes me forever to make a decision about buying makeup when they are not at least 40% off) so does it surprise you that I've been eying on these roller ball lip oil (that's meant for kids in elementary school) for a few months before grabbing them?

There was eventually a sale at the end of last year...

Watermelon got that cute green color (I like deeper shade of green than those golden lighter ones...)and a delicious fresh watermelon scent. It goes on clear but gives a nice shine without a greasy . thick finish. But since it's not technically a lip gloss, it dries out within a few minutes...

Berry Strawberry smells a lot more like candy (as opposed to fruit) and has lots of silver shimmer in it...the shimmer annoys me a bit, but it's far less chunky than the limited edition green gloss I got last year called DiorKiss Granny Smith.

Anyway, they are pretty fun to play with and looks pretty good (the moment you out it on and that's it.) For people who like candy colored cosmetics and don't care much about lasting power or actual color, they certainly bring back your childhood memory. (Well, I was actually a pretty big fan of the brand when I was in high school...)

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  1. please bring the lip rush smackers to cork in claire's cause i really want them


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