Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine Lip Gloss in Peony

I bet you know that when it comes to lip gloss, my favorite brand is no doubt Sally Hansen. They are cheap (at most 8 dollars but there are plenty of sales and chances to find the one leftover in a limited edition from a clearance basket) , sheer and wearable and most of the time make my lips feel really comfortable. I rarely leave a chance to try them out whenever there is a sale, so today you are going to see another one from the Brand: Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine in Peony.

At first I thought this was another lip gloss from Revlon because of the packaging. (Looks a bit mature but pretty nice anyway)

Peony (all of the normal line are name after a flower while the limited edition line have different names for the shades) is a peachy pink gloss with a butt load of fine shimmer all over, it's not as frosty as Stila IT gloss when you look at it from the tube but definitely as sticky, thick and strong (I mean the sweet scent is seriously ticking me off unlike the rest of Sally Hansen, which are all soft-scented). On the bright side, the color and frost do settle down after a minute or two and blend in. 

Peachy pink is a nice color that I can use matching blusher without thinking that there is too much going on on my face. Overall a beautiful gloss that I don't reach for often because of the strong sweet scent.


  1. You are obviously a lip product person and I understand why! You have the lips to show 'em!!! :D

  2. Ha...Thanks (again). Let me tell you something, I think I am becoming a blusher freaks as well!

    I guess it's because lip gloss takes the least skill to apply and I am a bit retarded at applying other kind of makeup (tried experiment on eyeshadow for a year or so and the result still make my roommate say: "what the hell?!" when she sees me wearing it...eyeliner mascara are now out of the question since they *always* smudge...)

    Well, maybe it's in the gene as well, my mom only use lipstick and powder (to cover up her freckles, but I don't really bother since a perfect flawless face is a bit boring) and she is never comfortable in other kind of products...



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