Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Shimmery Transparency Anna Sui Eye Color Accent

Another part of the Anna Sui installment!

Since I've talked about the eye color in cream form and the matte eye color singles, here comes the shimmery shadow in newer packaging: Anna Sui Eye Color Accent.

The size of eye color accent are about 2/3 of that of the face color accent. The shape is much closer to a circle and the squiggly pattern is more concentrated, so I thought it's more exquisite than the blusher.

Shade 203, cool lilac that's looks very pretty on people with brown eyes. The applicator is similar to that of the face color accent: feels good but totally useless. It's soft and spongy...but since the texture of the shadow is satiny and smooth, most of the shadow goes on the sponge tip rather than your eyelid...

Shade number 101, a soft teal in a very similar teal shade as the metallic eye color 100.

One thing that I really like about the shadow is the shimmery transparency it gives (Click here for a swatch, looks a bit weird though) : the finish is silky, and while the color shows very well, you can still see what's underneath it, the shimmers are fine, so if won't be frosty even you accidentally put on too much. Therefore it's OK for a day wear and as the name "eye color accent" tells, it gives a little spark to the eyes rather than provide a glob of color. And to glam it up a little bit, I dabbed Stila mousse pot in sky on top of it (the 203), I felt like a cover model for Biteki...

By the way, for those of you are too afraid to destroy the engraved rose, start with the edge...you can't really do this to the blusher though...

100, a shade that... I don't get how she name her eye color, the liquid eyeliner, shade 100 is a sky blue with minimal green tint while the 100 creamy eye color and eye color single (in jar) look more like a vibrant peacock green.

In case you can't tell, I like the eye color accent much better than the screw top jar. The reasons?

1. Shimmery shadow works better for me
2. I am too lazy to screw open the jars...
3. I happened to get all the wrong shade when it comes to eye color single: pink (swollen eye) , bright green (just too bright) , lilac with huge @$$ glitters (you know...) , brown (never worked for me), dirty orange (tripped and fall on mud) ...

All you need for a soft eye look I post in my earlier lip gloss galore post.

1. Shu Uemura Curler: "The One"
2.Neutrogena weightless Volume Mascara: Natural definition, I should probably toss this since this tube is from 2006...oops.
3.Anna Sui metallic Eye Color in 100 on upper lid then add eye color accent 101 for some subtle shimmer, 203 on bottom of eyes, that's it (told you I have no skill...)


  1. I love the Anna Sui e/s colors! all so pretty and fresh! I love them! and i love the fact that you can pack on to it and it gives out soft glitters !I love e/s like that!

  2. Ooooh, two comments! I have readers (note that it's plural) now!


    I think soft shimmer is pretty too, but since I just have no skill, I usually only use one shade on one area, otherwise I will feel weird with all the color. (actually if I wear eye makeup, I just need to ditch everything else, blusher, lip gloss, even earrings and colorful clothing... I personally can't handle too many color on me...

    Hi Gio! (Are you girl or guy?)

    Yes, pretty packaging is my weakness too! See how many Anna Sui I ended up getting?

    Actually most of the cases, the girlie package by Japanese makers are just a bit too much for me, but I love anything with pretty floral pattern! (So out of all of the good-lookers, I am only interested
    in Paul & Joe, Anna Sui and Ayura...no Jill Stuart here since I don't like on-your-face plastic crystal...)


  3. true, me too, i just can't pack on too much colors or i'll look like a "slut" lol..i guess it has to do with the skintone as well, I just can't work on a lot of colors! LOL

  4. Hi Citrine, I'm a girl.
    I like makeup with floral patterns too, although I'm scared to destroy them lol.


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