Monday, July 07, 2008

Shimmery Earth Tones For The Eyes and a Little Teaser

Ugly Pictures Warning: I just screwed up and didn't bother to retake the pictures..

Here you go, one of my favorite toys: Physicians' Formula Mineral Wear Eye Shadow in Earth Mineral

Although the mascara from Physicians' Formula are horrible. (Out of the three tubes I tried, they all clump, flake and smudge) . But I am quite fond of their eyeshadow(or should I say "was"? Since Stila is totally stealing my heart in the eye department. ) They (most of them) has beautiful soft shimmer and rich color without some hard-to-remove crazy glitter.

Open view. Since it's mineral based, the powder tend to fly around after you dab it with your brush.

Back view, an idiotic attempt at making this convenient.

In order to benefit from the ingenious design, I have to

1. Dab a color (I don't use the brush came with, the hair is too wimpy)
2. Close the front lid so that the powder won't fly out
3. Open the other lid for mirror...
4. Repeat the first 3 steps for another color for three more times...

No thanks. Back to the product.

A hand swatch and my description of the color from left to right:

1. A pale and matte vanilla white that it's a bit chalky and need some dusting afterward.
2. A chocolate bronze with flecks of gold
3. Rich olive green with some warm gold undertone (I love any shade of green!)
4. Matte chocolate for lining

The Earth Tone is actually quite flattering and I think it would be quite nice for a low key smoky eyes, no eye swatch here since I gave up on dark shadow a while ago, sheer shadow are more suitable for me... I do admit that I have no skill whatsoever.

Overall, I like the color combination of this shadow a lot, first it's not too dramatic like a forest green, I think the olive and bronze compliments many skin tones. Then the texture isn't nearly as bad as the one from Covergirl or Revlon. I would say around 8 dollars for a drugstore shadow quad wasn't really that bad. It's always better if you wait for a sale though...

A little side note: I also purchased another quad from mineral wear, stay tuned for the review! Ahem,I am talking to my imaginary readers already.

What to expect :

The mascara freak is back in town with some budget goodies! Of course, I am back to my mascara stage from wearing it once every half a year to...once or twice a week, what can I say? I am still too lazy.

There is some space for splurge if you are in the mood for it. (Can't you see? I just love everything with floral pattern!) .

Actually my mascara stage is also pushed those playful little color eyeliners! You know, I love pairing green with purple.

I look so goth in this picture...
And glittery liquid liner makes the eyes pop! Love it!


  1. I love your eyes!!!! lovely!!!

  2. Ha, thanks...

    you wouldn't like it as much if I tell you everything disappear when I open my eyes: eyeshadow, eyelashes, eyeliner etc...that's why I never bother to wear black eyeliner, and one weird thing, pencil never goes on...



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