One Out One In - Current Makeup Pans and Skincare Empties

Post like these are probably more suited for instagram but then I decided blog is a better place to document these. You can consider this as a "My legit favorite not some shilling or flings". 

Let's get down to business!  My first pan (you are probably like what pan? You will see in a second)is Etvos mineral Eye Balm in Aqua Citrus. I love it as a highlighter and brightening allover shadow for my lids. While it might seem pricey (2750yens) but I was pretty heavy handed and have been using it daily for two months. I think I still got a month worth of daily use out of it, then I will switch to Pale Lilac. 
See? There was a big pan, it became hard to grab with finger so I scraped the side off and flatten them with a blow dryer.
Whomee Lip Treatment was actually just alright (but I hoarded two backups just in case since the brand is hard to get outside Japan) but now that Ettusais is discontinued, this works nicely as a thick clear gloss to soak off dead skin.
Black Radiance Lip Lacquer in Cajun Spice - This is my second empty of the same shade! Very flattering color and I love the minty sensation plus jelly finish. With Walgreens coupon it was only 3.5bucks. I think I want the clear and pale pink ones as well.
D Program AllerBarrier Cream - Excellent sunscreen primer (or sheer foundation) - Will try to (wait for them to restock) on Amazon jp. Currently replacing with Shigaisen Youhou UV Cream. 
Dr Jart Cicapair - This is cheating haha since it was from months ago (I also emptied Ceramidin but tossed the tube). Very potent moisturizer for dry skin. My backup was from Marshalls since Sephora price is ripoff.
Skinfood Black sugar mask is something I have repurchased many times. my skin is still a little thin right now so I will hold onto the new tube until it's warm enough to exfoliate again. 
Andalou Turmeric C Serum - This is a renewed formula that's slightly different from the old one. I do like it and it still works well (also gotta love the Marshall price of $9). Review coming soon.
Timeless CE Ferulic - Hella effective but also quite drying and stripping. At the half off sale price.It's an amazing alternative to Drunk Elephant that oxidizes too quickly.
Nursery Grapefruit Cleansing Gel - I prefer their classic Yuzu but this was nice too. I want to try their rose cleansing balm and gel next.
Bobbi Brown lip balm in something like fruit punch. Not really used up but it broke off when there was 20% left. Remind me to never get these color changing lip balm again because they all turn magenta.