Milani Brow Fix Kit in 01 Light

Another Brow powder I bought 3 years ago. Believe it or not, this Milani brow kit was actually quite renowed among Chinese beauty lovers (which shows that a well formulated product actually works on various drmographic or race is just a social construct?). The kit features a highlighter, two brow powders, tweezer, flabby brush and a brow brush. 
The applicators are tucked on the side with a usable tweezers (though after all these years of Bush grooming, I accept nothing less than tweezerman). Mirror is perfect size and proper (actual glass not coated plastic that makes you dizzy).
The highlight is white and slightly pearly that blends right into skin, I don't have a defined browbone or eye socket that I don't usually reach for it but it's very natural and practical.
The two brow powder pans are actually incredible natural, it creates a very natural shadow that looks like it's imparted by your own full brow. As for the shade choice (I went with the lighter shade) it's neither too blonde or too warm, perfect for my average east Asian coloring, whatever that means. Overall, I like it a lot but won't reach for it as much because packaging is clunky. If they make it as compact as Cezanne I would keep it within reach.


  1. Whoaaa your layout changed! Have you tried the Kate brow powder? It seems popular in Asia

    1. yeah. I wanted to get rid of the facebook button and only way to do it was get rid of everything? Maybe it's more phone friendly now?

      Everybody loves kate so I reckon it won't be fun trying reviewing it. I am eyeballing the mauve one by whomee instead. Anyway my current favorite is the wow brow by elf. They look so natural!


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