Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Rimmel Chocolate Sweet Eyes in 015 Strawberry Chocolate

The grass is always greener on the other side of the pond - The saying is especially true when it comes to makeup in Japan. Just look how much harder western brands try (Revlon, Rimmel and L'Oreal all have their Japanese exclusive that's actually competitive in their market). Known for its chalky eyeshadow and tacky colored liners, Rimmel Japan has a whole different brands in Japan that targets the "Cool Girls".  Well, many or their Japanese products are manufactured by Kose so they know what they are doing. 
The Chocolate Sweet Eyes is one of their key items - The range has palette with various neutral tones (brownish) and each pan is scented and shaped like chocolate. There were many shades available and I was exercising restrain while I was in Japan...As soon as I came back, I decided I need one my life...
015 Strawberry Chocolate is one of the more popular shades, not only it was easy to find on ebay, this is also the shades Rimmel pick when ever it releases limited edition packaging. The palette is a light rose gold that kind of reminds me of Lunasol Vivid Clear Eyes in Pink Beige Collection (Lunasol has better texture and has more rose gold) but a little pinker. 
The three lid shades are 1. pinkish white base. 2.Metallic golden pink (main lid shade) 3. brown with golden pink undertone. The liner is a dry brown and highlighter is a clear rose gold glitter. The texture is somewhat dry and prone to fly out that I need to layer carefully, make sure I don't over blend and turn things muddy.
Taken back in summer (I was really sweaty so the application seemed blotchy). The texture of the Chocolate Sweet Eyes is fair, if a little powdery, it's good enough but I prefer Visee. Overall the feel is light and glossy, perfect for summer. I don't reach for it during winter because we don't have much day light...Looking at the State of the pans, I like it enough to have worn it for five or more times. 


  1. I was gonna say this looks really good for Rimmel but Rimmel Japan makes a lot of sense. Hahah

    1. Revlon japan have better eyeshadow and lip color as well, it almost seem like they (Revlon Japan)want people to buy from them!

  2. Omg get this...I was browsing my local drugstore and they just released a new lipgloss line, L'Oreal Brilliant Signature High Shine Colour Lip Ink, pretty much exact dupe of Lancome Labsolu Lacquer even the packaging looks the same, they made no effort to differentiate from Lancome. I even compare the ingredients and it's 85% identical. Lip gloss is back folks...seriously when it comes to lipsticks, lipgloss, eyeliner, lip liner, mascara there no need to buy high end.

    1. As a lip gloss addict,it was never gone to me (all the high end brands like dior, chanel and ysl never stopped making them) many other just relabel they gloss as lip care oil...I think a well moisturized glossy lips never go out of style. Anyway I haven't used any gloss I really love after Revlon square super lustrous/colorburst and maybelline colorsensational...I don't know if it will ever go back to how it was...


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