Saturday, September 12, 2015

Lunasol Vivid Clear Eyes in Pink Beige Collection

After buying mainly eyeshadow singles (and only use one shade at a time) for so many years. I had been contemplating on a neutral palette, since my then-go to (Maybelline Strut it Suede and Sunbaked Neutral) were a little too smoked-out for everyday wear. I wanted something a little more refined and knew I wanted to start with Lunasol. Not only the brand is known as the granddaddy of OL-friendly boring neutral, Lunasol also has an image I want to "grow up to" : Grown-up, delicate and elegant. Something that's perfect for the corporate rookies. On the other hand, Suqqu seems mid-management to executive  while several westerns luxury brands (let's not drop name here) scream affluent housewives.

Even though I have the brand set, it's still too much to chose from since Lunasol has an extensive collection of palettes (they released new range for every spring and fall and only discontinued a few shades quietly). As I was dazed and confused, I saw Dalenna's post(who reviewed what seems like the whole eyeshadow range)on the Vivid Clear so I went straight to look for it in Adambeauty. I originally wanted Khaki Beige collection (because boring) but changed my mind after seeing that 05 Pink Beige is the only shade that's not sold there.

Scarcity sells, yo.
So here is my shiny Vivid Clear Eyes in Pink Beige Collection, in its glorious bore.
First let's start with packaging (because it's an extremely important aspect I look into when I buy makeup(especially when it's on the pricier side) : All Lunasol palettes have this brown copper compact. The coated plastic is lightweight but feels streamlined and sturdy enough. Some paint already chipped (on my Sheer Contrast Eyes) so it might not be the most substantial one.

 I like them because they don't take much storage space and are easy to tuck into makeup bag. The mirror is generously sized and opens to 180 degrees (ones that only opens to 90 are so awkward to use).
The sponges in palette are of great quality as well (I actually use them): Soft, squishy, firm without being too porous.
Now to the shade breakdown. Top rows consists of two pans/three shades:

1. Golden beige white - this is a pearly base I use allover the lid.  Multi-colored shimmers are there but soft gold it's what it flashes predominantly. There is a layer of golden glitter that goes away after the first swipe.

2. Pinkish white beige - Two highlighters shades might seem strange but it serves a differnt purpose. It's more vivid swatched but also clearer. I love it as a translucent (not in a glitter top wash sort of way)highlight either near tear ducts or along lower lashline.

3. Lighter-than-medium taupe. This has a subtle pink sheen and it's perfect for outter V. It does a great job adding subtle definition without appearing muddy or making me look like G-Dragon(this happens when I use a darker color under eyes).  I wish this shade is the bigger one in the split-pan.
Now to bottom row. 
1. Pink Beige - This is the main lid shade. This is the clearest and seems like the sheerest in the whole palette. This is a classic example of boring neutral that Lunasol is best at. I thought it's too sheer so I switched to similar shades like elf (Pixie) or L'Oreal (Amber Rush) for more color payoff. At the end, I decided to stick with this as the clarity gives a much better brightening effect on the eyeballs.

2. Rich nutty brown - This also has pink shimmer! In western brand such shade is normally classified as a crease shade but it's the liner for Asian palettes. I, the Asian, use it as a liner very closed to the lashline, slightly smudged out (too much blending will turn things muddy). As a final step of the whole palette, this pulls the whole eye look together and gives a clean but soft definition.
Pink Beige Collection - Lightly swiped on arm (I watch them the same way I wear them so I never load the color on) under direct sunlight. It looks sheer and sparkly here but I promise this palette is rather pigmented.

Same swatch with natural but indirect sunlight, looking more opaque and a little frosty. I have worn the palette many times since June and worked out a placement plan I like the most: Golden beige white allover a cleaned (not primed) lid, pink beige on lid-space (the small area between the eye fold and lashline), light taupe outter V, pinkish beige to highlight under eye (mostly the inner 1/3) and brown to line.

The reason I am ditching primer isn't because it's superbly longlasting. To me, the primer makes the shadow longer-wearing but also more opaque, losing the translucent charity that I like this palette for.  The shades in Pink Beige Collection are soft and blendable but they become less so when a sticky base is involved.

Simple eyeball of the day that's washed out as usual. I would get either the intensity or sheen to show(and sacrifice the other in the picture) so I choose the latter. The finish is obviously shimmery but not frosty and white. It does look made-up, it's still delicate enough that I can add cheek and lip color without feeling too much is going on.
Open eyed - You can see the liner shade(maybe the pink shimmer, if you use your imagination?), light taupe, highlight and...brow zit (sorry).

Overall:  Pink Beige Collection is a well coordinated palette with a texture that (to me) totally justifies it's price point (can't say it's the best I have tired because SUQQU texture is indeed nicer). I love it so much that I bought two more Lunasol palettes right away...and didn't touch them for 2 monthes because I have been wearing this nonstop. 


  1. I love my Vivid Clear Eyes also. And you know what, I got my Suqqu trios a few days ago and been playing with them. Guess what--I still prefer Lunasol LOL! There's just something about the way they do metallics that I just can't get enough of (the Aurorized Eyes, Geminate Eyes, Nature Color Eyes *drools*). I feel with Suqqu, it's all about the texture and blendability, and may be different finishes but not so much metallics.

    1. I prefer Lunasol as well (and went ahead and got two more palettes and a single last week, ha). I think I like something more blingly and (more) obviously made-up...Right now, suqqu is a bit too sophisticated/toned-down for my liking.

      Anyway, I think I will still cave in for future suqqu LE (love special packaging) not to mention those individual shades in each palette work awfully well with the loreal infallibles.

  2. So pretty! (And love love the green boke)
    I'm looking at one of the permant Suqqu trios (not the summer LE) and Lunasol Coral Coral at this moment. What else did you buy from Lunasol if I may ask? :)

    1. The permanent trios are pretty too! But I want to play it safe as it's rarely mentioned on weibo. The reviews from English-speaking bloggers (who reviews suqqu) don't to much to me since my preference and applications are so different from theirs.

      Ok, let me think about my stash...Beside lavender coral and pink beige. I have 3-dimensional eyes in deep beige, vivid clear khaki beige and tender shine eyes shiny lavender (single). Aurorized eyes in gentle variation is coming my way but I am not sure how long the airmail is going to take.

      If I ever come across them/Lunasol ever re-release, I want to collect two from the old layer bloom eyes as well (purple and white gradation). Maybe I will see some similar colors in suqqu since they are both kanebo.


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