Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Stuff that's Cooler in Japan - Rimmel Edition

We all know Rimmel as this budget drugstore brands that (used to have pretty lipsticks) makes boring eyeshadow palettes and trying-too-hard edgy lip colors that you can't wear outside Halloween parties.

Somehow it looks so much more appealing in Japan. It turns out that (in Japan at least) Rimmel belongs to Kose. Yes it's indeed the same brand (as it has some products that's also available at US). The brand is available is more specialized beauty stores and maybe select drugstore. Of course I took some pictures. 
Fall collection lip, nail and eyeshadow quads. 
Single eyeshadow in  both powder and cream
Chocolate eyeshadow quints. This is totally my type of eyeshadow (fifty shades of neutral) but I was so overwhelmed there I didn't get any...
Now I have a (didn't buy it) buyer's regret
Multi palette and duo eyeshadow - These just look like Visee
Same boring lip colors you see in US 
Face powder
Cheek Color 
Brow products
Nail colors that's probably made in US or Europe. The lilac shade looks like the one I reviewed back in 2009, it's called 60 Sec in Climax (10 years later I finally see the sexual innuendo with the name....
 The shades are really dated (90 to early 2000s not in a good way)


  1. It's not just Rimmel that's somehow "cooler" in Japan, Maybelline, Revlon, and L'Oreal products all have better textures and color choices. I feel a bit envious to be honest ^.^" How come we don't get that here with these "American" brands?

    1. I try to make myself feel better by reminding me that Japanese Rimmel is 2-3 times more expensive than the Rimmel here (but that doesn't explain the cheap garish color choice).

      I personally think it came down to corporate greed and monopoly.
      The coglogmerates here think by making all drugstores color makeup cheap and garish, people with the means to will buy highend. I don't see this in Japan because if Shiseido/Kose suddenly stopped catering to young people, there are still a dozen other budget lines to fill the void.

      To me the beauty/fashion industry here is pretty class devided and I hate it.


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