Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Color in Climax

My first Rimmel nail polish...probably my last.

Rimmel 60 Second nail color in 660 Climax.

Climax is a mauve-lilac , the color is quite pretty but I don't really like the formula : it's a bit too thick and it dries so fast that if I try to use a sheer layer at a time, it will become a bit messy.

The application was full of brush strokes and some bubble. At least it's presentable after a clear top coat.
Purple doesn't look that good now I am a lot tanner (than my "winter/spring shade") I will save it for fall and see how it turns out.


  1. the color is fabulous!!! I love it so much!!!

  2. that's too bad b/c it looks great on you! i hear/read great reviews on rimmel products from time to time, but i've been disappointed in all of their products that i've tried...

  3. Nikki:

    I do like the color but the formula is just too bubbly .

    I have tried a lipgloss (so sweet and disgusting)from Rimmel and mousse foundation (looks like mask) I never feel like trying more because their packaging is a bit ugly...

  4. That shade is *gorgeous* on you, but I agree--Rimmel polishes are too thick. But that's why I invested in a bottle of nail polish thinner. A few drops turns any goopy polish into a dream. :)


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