Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Lunasol Full Glamour Lips 02 - Cherry Red

It's getting cold in here (below freezing for the next 10 days it seems) so it's time to dig out all the cream, yarns and moisturizing lipsticks. 

Cold weather is one of the main factors driving me into a lipstick snob: When proper winter is in session (clearly the one in Texas doesn't count), it usually takes a pricier formula to not sink into the dozens of lip line. While many lipsticks are shiny or balmy, not many of them are truly winter proof.  Luckily I can always count on Lunasol.
Lunasol Full Glamour Lips in 02 was purchased alongside with her pricier sister (Chicca Mesmeric Lipstick in Lucent Red ) and had since been overshadowed. I had to remind myself to play with it as the formula is superb, especially when you are a lover for jellies.
Packaging is beautiful as always: A sleek metal tube that's on the slim side. Not too heavy but still substantial on the hand. For something this shinny, it doesn't attract too much finger print or scratches. 
02 Cherry Red is a slightly cool red jelly, a rare find among Lunasol's sea of boring neutral (50 shades of fleshy rose). 
Bare lips for comparison
Cherry Red is a beautifully clear and juicy with an actively moisturizing formula. While there is every reason to love it, I didn't reach for it all that often because it's doesn't work magic on my skin. In contrast, the cheery cherry actually makes my winter skin a bit more sickly.

For a few bucks more, I can get Chicca that's is more brightening (for skintone) and less heavy. If I were to wear it during warmer seasons, I ended up forgetting about it as Coffret D'Or has more flattering brights to chose from. It's a great lipsticks actually, it's just that I have better chemistry with other Kanebo brands.


  1. Aww...but it looks great on your lips in the photo above!!!

    1. It looks pretty good but...coffret dor 214 and chicca look better! I am just spoiled with options, arent we all?

  2. I went Lip gloss shopping and ended up with a few purchases. I bought:

    * Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss in 172 Tendresse- very pretty pink and feels nice.

    * Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Gloss in 230 Jealous blush- same as Chanel. I feel no ones buys gloss these days, matte liquid lipsticks are all the rage. The batch i got was made in 2015 gulp.

    * The brand new Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Paint on liquid Lipcolor in 203 Ripe (Vinyl finish) & 309 Glo-Coral (Metallic). These are basically liquid lipsticks, very pigmented. Lolz EL finally jumped on the bandwagon and made liquid lipsticks in 2017.

    * Rimmel Oh My Gloss Oil Tint gloss in 400 & 500- screw YSL when i can get these for cheap and good quality and made in England. Drugstore glosses are kinda crap, the only good ones are the Revlon Super Lustrous glosses. Every drugstore brand almost ditched glosses for matte. I was eyeing some Lancome L'absolue glosses but couldn't find the right shade as almost everything was really cool/blue based. Lancome discontinued the Lip Lover and Gloss in Love for these new ones. Might go again and have another look.

    I've learned not to get too attached to lip products because chances are they will be discontinued in 1-3 years time and you will be upset and will spend $$$ hoarding shit that you don't need. I learned to just buy a few colours that please me and update accordingly. Product life cycles are so short these days it makes no sense trying to latch on to things.

    I also bought light foundation for days when i just want lighter coverage- Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in 40 and Estee Lauder Double Wear Light in 3.0. I love my Lancome Teint idole Ultra but can't always be stuffed doing full glam everyday lolz.

    1. My favorite foundation is it cosmetics cc cream (certainly offers enough coverage) but the shade match is shit that I have to mix fair and light. Kanebo Media makes awesome cream foundation for 11 bucks and it looks even, softly luminous and "expensive"...too bad I have to dig it out of a jar. I think after several initial purging/break out with drunk elephant vitamin C serum, I finally got used to it and it has been evening out my spot quite a bit...I can get away with just sunscreen and concealer now! I haven't been hoarding as many lip products so I am just trying to enjoy what I already own.

      Happy New Year!

  3. I went and bought 3.5 in the EL Double Wear light today. This ALWAYS happens, i'm always in between shades and have to mix. Doesn't matter if it drugstore or high end, i always get screwed. Being yellow undertone is hard, there's barely anything available, i reckon we have it hard just as black people too.

    Anyway i did go back to Lancome and got L'absolu Gloss in 382 Graffiti, a medium warm bubblegum pink. I feel like 2018 is a good year, after all the shit i spent over the years, you get a pretty good idea on what would look good on you just by swatching it. There are a still some items i'm lemming but nothing crazy.

  4. I hope 2018 is better year as well since I am turning in six months (and weirdly it doesn't feel any different) ...I went through a prolonged high buy phase so I have plenty of toys to play with and spring 2018 collections aren't super tempting yet. Anyway, maybe I can actually implement a low buy!

    Right now I am a bit more into skincare (at least less picked over face let me enjoy color makeup more) and after three years in the Northeast I am finally developed a friendly relationship with the products and my face (things were so much easier with warmth and humidity of Texas).

  5. lol turning 30 I meant.I am in denial...

  6. I retired Estee lauder double wear light. Still too heavy feeling. Too matte, too sticky, too tacky, too rubbery finish, can't find color match, just too plain hard to make it work for a light coverage foundation. The squeeze tube constantly oozes out too much because of the pressure. I will swallow my regret and stick to Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua b40 (it's the only Chanel foundation that is yellow enough for me) as my light coverage. I literally cannot find a drugstore foundation or powder that works. MAC discontinued Careblend pressed powder so I'm stuck relying on Lancome dual finish as my setting powder. If it's discontinued in Australia (stock very slow)i will have order online from Nordstrom. It's so beepin hot in Australia, the hottest on record since 1939. I had to buy a freezer bag to store my makeup and skincare. Summer in Australia = worst place to be on the planet.

  7. I've retired the Estee lauder double wear light foundation. Too heavy feeling, too sticky, too tacky, too rubbery, too matte, can't find a perfect shade even when mixed, just way too much work for a light coverage foundation. I will stick to Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation b40 for light cover. If IT cosmetics CC cream comes to Australia I will check it out. I legit cannot find anything at the drugstore yellow enough for me. MAC discontinued careblend pressed powder which means I'm stuck relying on lancome dual finish as my setting powder. But stock has been really slow to replenish which means it could also be discontinued in AUS. I would have to order online from Nordstrom if the case. It's so hot here in AUS, it was 45 degrees today, I had to buy a freezer bag to store my makeup/skincare. Summer in AUS= literally worse place to be on the planet.

    1. yeah...45 is terrible. I had a similar summer in houston (39ish daily with 90% humidity) and all of my nars compacts we are going through an icepocalypse(-15 to -8 for weeks) so I have been lazy and storing my skincare indoor with no heat...

      The ilumination version of it cosmectics cc is quite yellow (unusable for me) but I wouldnt recommend it because it has actual glitters inside....

  8. Yes, you are right cherry red is a good colour and winter is one of the right seasons to use more lipsticks, lip balm, etc. Here are 4 lip balm, lip gloss reviews from a blog post. Hope girls with beautiful lips would read this blog post, too.


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