Saturday, February 25, 2017

Chicca Mesmeric Lipstick in 06 Lucent Red

Excuse me while I repeat myself (for the 268th time) that I have gotten this thing for Kanebo lipsticks (okay, I love the shape of their bullet). One thing that keeps my exploration going is that, when I jump from  lower price range to a higher one, I actually notice a parallel improvement of quality in the shade design, wear and packaging.

When I thought I have tried their best with Suqqu, the brand underwent a packaging revamp, from sleek minimalist to plastic black and gold(Take it easy. Hufflepuff.) that I just can't...Not even for science. Where should I look when I want my dose of overpriced Japanese lipsticks?

The answer is CHICCA.

When Kanebo debuted Chicca (key-ka) back in spring 2008, it was a brand aimed directly at mature women in their 50s and 60s. Through out the years, the line has ditched their silver packaging, switched to a more youthful color scheme and their silver haired Yazemeenah Rossi (Chicca's first spoke model)had since been replaced by white girls in their late teens to early twenties. I guess youth sells, eh?

Mesmeric Lipsticks (3800 yen) was released in 2014, as a replacement for the Enticing Lipstick (5000 yen) that they discontinued. There were originally six shades and new ones have been added each season. Right now they are on number 32 and 33. The range boasts a 2/5 pigment that enhances each wearer's beauty, as it creates an unique shade (as with any sheer lipstick?). That is not the reason I bought it.

It's the tube. I mean, look at it!
Back in my review for Kyoganoko, I declared the glossy black SUQQU to be my favorite high end packaging. Well, scoot(ku) over Suqqu, you are sharing the throne with your sister! Actually, I am going full-on Steve Harvey this time, Chicca deserves the crown.

Where should I start? Mesmeric Lipstick has the same dimension as Lunasol and RMK but has a weightier feel on the hand (it's still lighter than YSL and Bobbi Brown Luxe). One thing that sets it apart from other Kanebo sisters is that, thanks to the light colored paint, it won't collect your fingerprints like a border agent.

Instead of being square, Chicca corners are further sectioned off (do it enough times you will get a round tube, differential calculus yo), creating a distinct geometric design. The subtly glossy tube is adorned with a little rhinestone (much better cut than one on Jill Stuart) and has silver glimmer painted over, in multiple ultra fine layers. As a result, you get this crystal clear look that's hard to capture even with my formidable photography skill.

Guys, I didn't get a ticket to the sold out Vienna Phil concert tonight so let me blow my own horn. According to the live broadcast, I just missed out a brilliant pianist. SAD! The symphony was meh and the final Bartok playing right now makes me o_O

The lipstick has a secure friction fit, with no click. I would love to include a dozen more pictures but it was cold and my feet were getting numb.
The shade I picked is 06 Lucent Red, a best selling shade that's one of the original six. It appears to be a clear warm red that looks light and brightening. 
I did actually have an arm swatch of several high end sheer reds, I forgot which one was which so here is a picture of my bare lips instead.
Chicca Mesmeric lipstick has a glossy and lightly hydrating finish. It goes on lips in a very light layer that feels undetectable on the mouth. It doesn't plump away lines like those thicker jelly formula but the gentle hug is no less pleasant. Wear time isn't great but it does fade into an even tint. Lucent Red is a youthful shade that's suitable for the grown up. I wouldn't necessarily call it better than other sheer reds in the market, it's different and distinct. At the same price point, I favor it over the sheer formula of Chanel and YSL. 

Currently Chicca is only available in Japan so procurement isn't easy. There is always Ichibankao and other custom purchase services around so be prepared to pay 10 extra bucks a piece to the Markup God. I think it's worth it.


  1. Wow, gorgeous red! The price point is more than I can handle though :( Plus I have way too many sheer reds already... Must. Resist.


    1. *Poke* They also have sheer pink, orange, plum etc. (I would like one of each, please!)

      One constructive thing Chicca did was killing off my lemming for Jill Stuart lip blossom (I had my eyes on the spring 2017 jellies) . When I used JS after Chicca, I noticed JS settled into deep lines while Chicca dried into a soft film...It seems that the extra 1000 yens didn't only go to packaging.

  2. Off topic, I'm eyeing the new Dior addict lip lacquers. They look promising. I like Lancome lipsticks but the shades are too bright. Can't seem to find a nice peachy pink nude.

  3. Dior seems to be the only western brand makeup delicate pink shades. I'm not a fan of bright pinks or corals. Every western brand is making these crazy bright shades. Looks good on instagram but not in the workplace.

    1. Ha, I also realized the brights from Dior are more melt-in than brights from other brands. I am not really anticipating the lacquer lipstick (because I don't wear bold and opaque color). Right now I am still mad at Dior for not releasing spring collection at counters (in the whole US)...Well, I guess it's find, I have gotten plenty of outlets for my disposable income.

  4. Laughing so hard over scoot(ku) over! May I just slightly creep and say your naked lips are super pretty? You have a beautiful pink tone that just needs a little bit of balm. Me + balm = a few hours past death.

    Chicca's packaging with the little rhinestone has just the right level of bling. I kind of like the older lady aesthetic better (probably because its my demographic), but they are still well sleek with a wearable color range.

    And Lucent Red is beautiful on you! I always fall for the sheer reds in any sheer lipstick range!

    1. Nah, that's not creepy. A few years back(OK way back in 2010ish)a random dude wrote that I have "the lips of a virgin". And added "as in never had s*x" I was like mofo if you are gonna harass, might as well spell the whole word...

      Actually suqqu still got its perk, it's slim and so hoardable. I mean my apartment is so small that I *need* to save the space right...Currently I am debating if I should hunt down some creamy glow or save that for Chicca instead.


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