Thursday, June 08, 2017

Revlon Metallic Matte, Selfie Ready, Youth Fix and Other Sightings

 Spotted at Harmon - New Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color in metallic finish
 Glow, Gleam, Glam, Luster
 Flare, Shine, Dazzle and Glitz
 Selfie Ready Simplified with primer, powder and concealer
 New base makeup called Youth Fx
 Foundation, Concealer
The street collection lipsticks with some funky colored new shades and existing ones
 Seoul (Bare Affaire), Montreal (Naughty Plum), Hong Kong (Lilac Mist), London ( Mighty Mystery), Mexico City (Bombshell Red), Milan (Gold Godess), Tokyo (Pink Velvet)
 NYC (Va Va Violet/Reviewed here, patchy as hell ), Johannesburg (Mink), Paris (Love that Red), Buenos Aires ( Wild Orchid) and Sydney ( Primrose). Is is just me or are these shade totally random?
Rimmel Shake it Fresh Mascara
 Essie Si Vous Play
Freeman released a bunch of new mask - Cleansing Sheet mask and hydrating cream mask
 Brightening overnight and sheet mask
 Peel and washoff mask in various flavors
Scrubby mask and clay masks

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