Saturday, October 31, 2009

Revlon Va Va Violet Lipstick

A few weeks ago I was in a Revlon Kick because that cool purple-themed fall collection. While I have gotten something very nice like the Berry Haute lipstick and a pretty cream gloss...I also gathered some garbage on the way...Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Va Va Violet was a complete impulse since there is no way I will want to wear this anywhere but my bedroom. (I mean, non-goth girls buy that MAC black knight lipstick anyway...This is a much more reasonable toy consider the packaging isn't that cheap and Revlon lipstick are well rated in general.)

Va Va Violet is a straight deep deep deep eggplant. When I picked up this shade, I just though that purple lips are pretty cool and it's a cheap toy to play with. I didn't expect it to look gorgeous or...this horrible. (OK, I sort of saw it coming...)I have tried, but I just can't get this lipstick to work on me. Yes, it's easy to glide and kind of creamy but when ever I try to build on the color by layering more, the new layer just glides on and wipes off the old ones. It's impossible to get a thick, creamy finish with this and since it leaves so much red from beneath, it gives a bruised look.

The color itself isn't all that flattering either. Usually cool colors brightens up my skin (and neutral color usually appears cooler and cool colors usually looks natural) and are more flattering than orange/gold/beige but this deep purple just brings out every itty bit of yellow in my skin (God forbid I am Chinese, there got to be some yellow!) and just makes my skin looks sallow.I added a bit of MAC Tendertone in Soft Note (a lilac glossy balm) to make the color spread better...At first I was thinking that deep colors like this would make my mouth smaller and more delicate (since I can fake a cupid bow with the color) ...It's impossible to get a deep color out of this gloss (at least for me) so my lips just ended up looking like poisoned liver...Ewww


  1. Well I think it's pretty =D Perhaps over a lip concealer?

    Then again, I would probably think anything violet was pretty...

  2. Rae:
    I never use/plan to buy a lip concealer actually(I don't even use face concealer) , I just think that a good lipstick should work well on itself and if it doesn't, I head for something better. Yeah, I am impatient like that.

    I think the main fault of this lipstick is that it can't built on the intensity, switching the background from red to white isn't going to help much.

  3. Ooh no. >< I don't think anyone really can pull off that purple lip and look normal. It's still fun to try though.

  4. Smiley:
    I think Ursula(that fat octopus lady in little mermaid) can...

  5. I'm not sure if this person has your permission to post this or not, but your post is on this blog. Just in case you didn't know...

  6. Kelly:
    Thanks for letting me know!

  7. I'm Chinese as well and also have yellow undertones. Other folks say the formula of this is bad too, that it comes out patchy. I plan on trying NYX lipstick in Violet Ray since I'm on the hunt for a purpley lipstick.


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