Wednesday, May 31, 2017

And Other Stories Makeup

Last Saturday, I was shopping for craps (I mean clothes) with a friend (the star face) and we stepped into & Other Stories. I didn't know much about the brand, except that they have makeup and their door was really heavy...

 It seems that they have added more product since my lash visits!
Liquid Lipstick Lip and Cheek tints
The lip and cheek tints have very tempting color. I didn't pick up any since the one I want (I always want the one that's either out of stock or last in stock) isn't there. Might give it a look later tonight (the store is on my way to Mahler 1st). 
 These potted lip balm are extremely similar to NYC lip slider that was long discontinued (which are really moisturizing and glossy but will be a mess if you use your hand to apply), even down to that overwhelming vanilla scent.
 Eyeshadow singles
My mini-haul for the day (most of my arm space were taken by bags of fruits) - Green Lotus eyeshadow (it was 70% off and good enough for 3 bucks). Motif Tangelo Lip Balm (waiting to be photographed), Anastasia brown pencil in ebony (looked natural when both of us tried it), and Palladio Crushed metallic eyeshadow in Parallax (from Ricky's cosmetics). I thought Parallax was that gorgeous semi-sheer metallic purple taupe. The metallic part is only on the surface and the shadow is a satin matte sooty black...

I can't return it (tossed the receipt) since it's a waste of my time, but what a great way to make sure I stay away from the brand...

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