Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Sunset Palette - Integrate Nudy Grade Eyes in OR366

Do you guys still remember Pantone, the "Color Authority" who had its big break when it declared orange red the color of 2012 (when the shade itself had been widely popular for a year)?  It surprised me that they didn't pick Peach as color of the year, the recurring guest since 2016 that came into full-blown stardom in 2017.  Maybe the choice will make them seems lame (Huh, they are not?) but either way, I buy what I buy, not what the self-proclaimed authority tells me.

 In my memory I always associate these blush toned eyes from K-Pop videos. Whenever a K-beauty trend becomes big enough of a hit, it means that Japanese brands would make it into something that I can wear (outside of a heavily edited photo shoot). Summer 2016, several Japanese drugstore brands came up with their own orange/coral/peach tones eye makeup and I couldn't be happier.
Integrate released Nude Grade Eyes in OR366 Sunset Palette (and a gel eyeliner pencil that was nowhere to be found) and I knew I needed to hunt it down. I have tried Nudy Grade Eyes and wasn't impressed with the densely packed powder, boring color and poor pigmentation. However, when the palette is this pretty, you gotta give it a second chance.
The limited palette has the same mirror like compact but tinted orange instead.
As photogenic as it is, the surface seems to get scratched as soon as it's exposed to air (I only got it last summer but it already looks like it has been through WWII). Integrate went through a packaging revamp last fall so the newer ones has matte pink compacts instead.
Lower Left: Yellow glittery highlight/top wash
Bottom: Reddish coral lid shade with golden sheen
Middle: Golden orange
Upper: Peachy beige highlight
Lower right: Warm brown liner that becomes essential (because the others can easily turn the look into eye infection).

Beside the glitter top wash, the shadow are the same type: tightly packed satin with medium intensity that doesn't build up much.
As with the previous Nudy Grade Eyes, OR366 has this same densely packed texture that take a heavy swipe to be picked up and applied. The vibrant colors act in its favor that I don't need to dig out whole chunk for it to show up.
With the sponge applicator, OR366 is easy to use and gives a juicy orange look that's a bit too satin (almost too matte and blush like). I need to be extra careful with placement since it can look like a sunburnt version of red eyes.
For everyday wear, I prefer a peachier (less coral red/straight orange) palette but OR366 is fun to wear and pretty to look at.


  1. I've seen so many peachy eyes in k-pop videos recently! I'm thinking of ordering some ColourPop eyeshadows to replicate the look, though this palette is beautiful as well.

    1. I have been going on colourpop site, putting bunch of their eyeshadow in my bag them emptied them...

      I like their eyeshadow but that's too much commitment (had a bunch of Maybelline color Tattoo, all dried out). I have been tempted by their pressed shadow but I will live through other people's collection.

  2. That is a gorgeous palette! What about the Aritaum Shine Fix Eyes? There were lots of peach, orange, and reds among the color choices!

    1. They shrink...Plus Korean stuff takes 3-6weeks getting to me so I gave up on them. Anyway, they are the same quality as colourpop so I am not really missing them, ha.


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