Friday, September 02, 2016

Integrate Nudy Grade Eyes in BE-254

Don't freak out, the pictures are from last fall,we still have a bit of summer left...Anyway, I did notice that in my neighbourhood, the leaves are actually turning yellow. 

Integrate Nudy Rich Eyes in BE-254 was another purchase I made on a whim. I was on adambeauty and it was affordable...
BE 254 is a cool, light neutral palette that's quite monotonal. I like the emboss on the palette and the arrangement of top wash and liner, everything looks proportional and nothing is in excess.
The main shading colors(the heart) are a soft beige, medium glowy beige and warmer nutty brown. All swatch a little pink mauve on my arm. 

The three shading colors has decent pigmentation for Japanese eyeshadow (all show up but not with a lot of impact) but might be a little lighter if you want heavy definition. The pearly finish is very smooth and finely milled that all shades apply well and blend/layer easily.
The glittery top was and liner are both less opaque but on top of other shades, both serve their intended functions. 
One more picture of the pretty reflection. 
On the eyes, the palette subtly defines and...looks positively boring. While the texture of the palette is workable, the color combo is way too bland for me to bother with this. Well, at least I know the formula so I can dive in (and did, for their summer 2016 palette) when I see a color combo that speaks to me.
Vertdict: Not worth the 14 bucks. 

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