Monday, March 06, 2017

Visee Color Polish Lipstick in RD-422

When I saw the promo image for Visee's winter collection, I knew I had to get one of the Color Polish Lipsticks...The main reason being, limited edition packaging (Duh). It seems that I only have two criteria when it comes to lipstick selection, either it's some heavy discount or it's a packaging that sings to my heart. Visee didn't orchestrate a grandiose symphony, but for a quick thrill, I suppose J-pop works too.

Both of the winter lipsticks have brown red tube with light pink lace (while the permanent line has gunmetal tube with black lace).  I like the slim and simple design, though I think it could use a rubber sleeve inside the cap, which will give a smoother closure and avoid scratch. I guess for 1500 yen ($17.95 from, I will let it pass.
 There were two shades released for the winter collection, RD-422 reddish beige and a nude peach beige BE-321. I opted for the deeper RD-422 because I don't use shades that are lighter than my natural lip color(well, I try...I have gotten a few deceiving ones that ended up looking lighter than what I expect).
This particular shade to me isn't red, I would call it a medium warm peach infused with warm gold shimmer. It's sort of a neutral that doesn't look auntie, too editorial or wash you out, something that's like Revlon Nude Lustre (or many other not-quite-nudes Revlon released then discontinued. Yes, I am still holding a grudge against them).
The formula of the lipstick is thin, lightly glossy and semi-sheer for the most part. With several layers, you can get some opacity but luckily there is no yucky white base underneath. Even though the warm shimmers are rather visible, they don't feel gritty and they don't travel outside the mouth. It applies smoothly, feels glossy but doesn't moisturize or dry out the lips. When I talk or smack my lips a lot, the color would thin/sheer out very quickly, within the hour mark or so. Ar least it doesn't sink deep into the lip lines.
 Many layers of Visee  RD422. You can see sort of see my lip color and the color that floats on top a little. Since it thins out so easily, I found the best way to preserve its integrity is to wear it on top of a good balm or gloss.
 Sheerer layers applied this morning (when my lips are more red). I really like this particular color (Shiseido ought to take note on making neutral that doesn't give out an auntie vibe) and I think the Color Polish Lipstick formula is alright for the price. It's on par with the slippy Maybelline Color Whisper (the jelly ones from the range are better) but the pristine look doesn't last so it's still inferior compared to Revlon Lip Butter or Super Lustrous Shine.

Well, you get what you pay for...Actually, these Kose lipsticks (including Jill Stuart) contain 5g per tube, it was like a never ending bullet. I guess one can reapply several time a day(but who got time for that). 


  1. I was able to play with these at the drugstores in Tokyo. Their formula is very thin, with lots of slip, and the colors in the original lineup are actually quite pigmented. They very much remind me of Suqqu Creamy Glows minus the moisture, so I wasn't tempted at all ^.^

  2. The permanent shades look clown-bright to me so I didn't give them much thoughts...I wish this formula is in Shiseido perfect rouge (or Revlon lip butter) formula. That would actually be kind of worth the price.

    1. Yes, that too. Really bright colors that I normally wouldn't reach for given the level of pigmentation.


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