Saturday, March 11, 2017

MAC Soft Serve Eyeshadow in Big Bad Blue and Bounce Around

MAC Soft Serve Eyeshadow were limited edition from last summer, I had a moment of weakness while I was poking them at the store. It turned out that the only thing good about them is the poke-ability.
Looking at the pots reminds me of the good old time of MAC Tendertone (Gotta miss those time when MAC had interesting colors and nice textures). Two weeks ago, I went to the counter to swatch their new potted lip color from their Work it Out Collection (links to Temptalia review) and left empty-handed. Those stuff, at 22 bucks a piece, feel much worse than the 15-dollar one from Too Cool For School (something that I already found overpriced).

OK, back to the present. The review will be short because they are garbage.
Big Bad Blue is a sheer periwinkle with a pink sheen. The color refuses to build up no matter how much I layer and while shimmer is soft and delicate, the pink sheen is barely visible on the eyes.
Bounce Around is a metallic silver taupe. This color is more pigmented and the metallic finish mainly comes from the truck load of glitter in the absence of any base color. Both color are very straightforward, no textural or tonal complexity. Why is it so hard for MAC? Colourpop can do it five bucks a pop.  
The finish is smooth (and coney) and I cannot tell how it lasts as I couldn't wait to wipe it off. 
Glittery brow was not intentional. I might let it slide if it was 8 dollars a piece but they were over 20 bucks...I am grateful for products like these as they save me money in the long run. Now I know to  source my toys elsewhere.


  1. LOL at "poke-ability" ;D The untouched surface of Bounce Around looks glorious, though. And it does look pretty on you. But I understand what you're saying. Color depth is a must if I opt for cream/pencil eyeshadows.

    1. It's very much like missha jewel star eyes (I find missha totally unwearable but it was only 10 bucks including mark up). Right now I am kind of excited to try cosme decorte Aqmw Eye Glow Gem. The shades look so much more nuanced in the pot.

  2. Have you ever tried Shiseido cream eye shadows before? Apparently they are really good and are a cult favourite.

  3. I think I have swatched them at the counter. The wear is like Maybelline colortattoo and Revlon colorstay (both I like and I have collected quite a few color tattoos) but as with most Shiseido Global products, the shade selection is either too straightforward (pink blue interesting nuance)or just plain boring. There was no point for me getting any if I already got the LE Maybelline.


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