Monday, December 12, 2016

Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Illusoire and New Moon

When you see pictures on used eyeshadow, you know that I bought something during colder months and couldn't wait for sunlight to take glamour shots. These Chanel Illusion D'Ombres were kind of a pick-me-up after a long day at work. That was before I discovered the joy of grocery shopping at Chinatown. 

At the time, I was disgruntled with the Missha Jewel Star Eyes (which was supposedly dupes of Chanel) that I decided to get the real deal.
Heavy glass pots with shiny lids. They are nice and all but my heart would always be with the Japanese overkill. 
Illusoire is a blackened purple with tiny multi-colored shimmer particles. So far, Chanel is one of the few western brands I have swatched that have this kind of starry effect. 

While I love the stormy purple, by it self, it somehow looks more like a glimmering sooty black. The color is a bit too dark for my daily wear and the clear base makes it a little awkward by itself. 

On top of a powder shadow, it gives a beautiful glossy sheen that looks particularly jewel-like under artificial light. Even though I own a dozen of dirty purple taupe, there is nothing quite like Illusoire. 
New Moon is another shade I can't pinpoint: It's a bit of bronze, rose gold and mauve that's highly metallic. This one has chunkier glitter (means it's even harder for me to wear just by itself) that can be layered over any warm or purply shades. The color isn't so deep so I find it slightly easy to wear when I am out and about.
New Moon and Illusoire. The formula is condensed and smooth, and it has shrunken a bit since I bought it (almost a year ago). 

 The lasting powder is actually just OK, definitely not snow or swipe proof like Aritaum. Since both New Moon and Illusoire require some sort of opaque base underneath, on most days I just end up wearing Aritaum when I want the sparkle and sheen.  For me, if I buy a single I expect it to be wearable just on its own. 
New Moon on top of (I think it was) Rouge Bunny Rouge Delicate Hummingbird

Overall: I like them and they are certainly worth it (cheaper ones don't have this level of tonal and textural complexity). For similar products that I put on my face, I prefer Aritaum and the Colourpop (wearing two metallic shades right now, don't want to take them off) as those medium colors take much less effort to slap on. 

TL/DR : I have the taste of a commoner. 


  1. WOW Illusoire is GORGEOUS!!! New Moon is pretty too but I'm a sucker for purplish taupe ^.^

    1. I bought it thinking it was purple turned out to be purple black on me though.

  2. Gorgeous! But I want easy products these days, so Aritaum and ColourPop sound good to me :)

    1. Especially the three dry/shrink at the same rate...I think the Chanel will turn into rock next year (like all my beloved maybelline color tattoo) 36 a pop was a bit steep no matter how complex.

  3. What's a good eye shadow palette that you can recommend? Preferably western brands. I'm eyeing Dior and Chanel but I don't have much experience with eyeshadows at all...

    1. Viseart is the one (western brand) I found easiest to work with, I have Paris Nude and Minx and both are very pigmented but easy to blend into a sheer finish. Between Dior and Chanel, Chanel quads seem to have a more refined texture and complex shimmer that are easier to wear on minimal lid space. I would pick one up (tisse rivoli or venitien) but I already own similar color schemes in Lunasol or Visee.


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