Sunday, September 18, 2016

Missha the Style Jewel Star Eyes

After my very successul foray into Korean eyeshadow singles (with the Aritaum Shine Fix Eyes), I decided to not only go back to Atitaum for more (well, the mono eyes didn't quite work out), I also started to look around for more sparkles from other brands. 

Missha The Style Jewel Star Eyes caught my eyes with their heftier pots, lovely blush toned colors (that squees K-pop music videos). Many French (that was what came up from Google) bloggers compared it to Chanel Illusion D'Ombre so I was suddenly very excited to not spend the Chanel price for all that sparkle...

Oh boy, I sure got a choke full of sparkle with these. Without being in a unicorn pride parade.
At around the same (marked up online) price as Aritaum, Missha Jewel Star eyes are around 9 bucks a piece and come with much nicer hefty plastic pots (feels somewhat like glass). The lids are glossy and textured with brand and product name. According my credible source, a member of r/asianbeauty on reddit, the brand owner was on radio and thought cellist Missha Maisky got a cool name...Don't quote me on that. 

Sadly I don't love Missha Maisky enough make it an redeeming factor. For the record, my preferred Missha was Mikhail Pletnev, who unfortunately had some pedobear-allegations under his belt to inspire any beauty brands.
The four shades I got are Havana Coral, Orange Lady, Apple Blossom and Pecan Pie. They all have a domed surface that's like a slightly firmer Maybelline Bouncy Blush (or whatever they are called it has been too long). They are less slippery than Chanel and Aritaum so I assumed they are somewhat closer to Dior Fusion monos.

02 Havana Coral is a light-medium nudy pink peach. Or a wannabee rosegold that's nonetheless metallic.
Orange lady is a juicy (in the under ripe and extra sour way) orange with its natural sunny desposition. 
Both these shades show up true to the color. Which might or might not be advantageous: A straight up yellow orange eyeshadow isn't easy to come by...But then again who the heck wants a straight up glittery orange on her lids. I am not cosplaying Florida you know?
Apple blossom is a rosy pink with warmer bronze glitters (the only in the four with a somewhat contrasting sparkle than the base color, while the othet either have clear/white or matching sparkle). 
Pecan Pie is a medium metallic nutty brown-beige.It looks glorious with a full on one swipe swatch but awkward blended out, turning a sparkly muddy brown.

All the colors are beautiful on the arm swatch, I found them very hard to wear on the eyes just by themselves, for the following reasons.

1.The colors are very straight-on, pink is pink orange is orange that they lack some subtle nuances to blend into my own skin. It's one of those just-sitting-there makeup.

2.The shadow have a clear base that in theory, is what I love about brands like Lunasol. It becomes troublesome when I get a clear rosy pink/orange with very little opacity going on.

3.The glitter sizes are too uniform in sizes. Granted they are not the dollar-store square silver glitter you find in Fresh Sugar Fig tinted balm. These (fish scale) glitters come in one or two color (white or matching the base color) and two sizes (medium-chunky to chunky). They are too chunky to add dimension and too uniform to fake a wet gloss effect.

Club goers might like disco ball effects from these but I (the only club I show up at is knitting club) found them utterly unwearable and had to wipe them off before heading outdoor since the glitters look so out-of-place.
I found a way to wear it (Apple Blossom) though. It's just layer a small area close to lashline, on top of an already-finished eyeshadow look.  Here is the Lunasol Duo de Chocolat Eyes in Chocolat Framboise. 
People with bigger lid space could get more uses out of them without being overwhelmed by the blings. The Missha Jewel Star eyes are amazing for glitter lovers but aren't what I look for in a single (a color that I can swipe on and go). I think I will find some uses for them (the little firm mousse pots are too cute) but only go back for Aritaum when the Glitter Gremlims strikes again. 


  1. Sooo pretty! I love apple blossom! Nothing beats peachy, pink shimmery shades!

    1. I have been loving that kind of shades for eyes as well...But these are just glitters.

  2. Hmm... very tempted, although for now I'm loving the few Aritaum colors that I can I wear, so I might not take the bait :)

    1. I think just buying one chanel illusion dombre might save you all the waiting and trouble. Chanel lasts longer too.


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