Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Lunasol Duo de Chocolat Eyes in EX-02 Chocolat Framboise

Chocolat Framboise is one of the three limited from Fall 2015. I reckoned I could always wait on the quad (well, they are so readily available that I no longer want them) so I picked up the duo instead. The other two are Chocolat Pistache (green and greenish brown) and Chocolat Orange (light orange yellow and warm brown).
The duo comes in a substantial enough paper compact with mirror. It seems like a good shock absorber as the shadow remain unshattered, even after I dropped it on the concrete while I was admiring it walking home(I got some small dent on the corners).  
Chocolat Fromboise (EX-02) consists of a warm pink and deep neutral matte brown. The pink kicks out quite a bit of product when I use the a brush but the matte brown is tightly packed but soft to the touch. Both of the pans are scented like chocolate but the smells goes away after a few months.

The pink is subtly pearly and has clear pigmentation. I am quite tan right now so it's more of a clear brightening color but I suppose on paler skin tone it can work as a defining shade. The deep brown (although matte, contains some sparkle here and there when it's swiped on) is soft and very blendable on top of the pink shade.
Layered together EX-02 creates a softly polished rose gold eyes. It might be a little boring for my taste but I still see the appeal to put it on.
It hits the same sweet spot as Vivid Clear Eyes in Pink Beige Collection  and Suqqu Sakurakaba but the finish is finer and light-glossy. It's not a love-at-first-swipe duo but I do find the color wearable and enhancing.


  1. I was tempted with these but the colors weren't different enough for me to pick up. I guess they'd be a good travel palette, non fussy and straightforward.

  2. Yeah, they are safe to skip (like most of newer lunasol releases) but unlike other meh palettes I do see myself using is sometime again...Maybe that liner cake one is unique enough in my stash...


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