Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Lipstick in Touch of Spice

Last year I had a brief affair with matte lip colors (yeah, jumping into the whole blogger bandwagon thing). The affair was so brief that I got sick of them before I had time to finish up all the reviews. Maybelline Touch of Spice was ones of the lipstick I bought (and wore once).
 Nothing special about packaging. The same old light weight plastic tube with frosted purple cap. Lipstick is still the Playtoh-gone-bad.
 The Maybelline Color Sensational Matte formula is actually a great one (it's just that I don't like the look of western style matte) - Creamy, pigmented and leaves a rich and non-gunky layer. It doesn't appear dry or crumby. Just matte.
 Touch of Spice is a reddish brownish On the arm swatch it looks exactly the same as Revlon Sultry. The Maybelline formula is creamier with less glossy slip and a closer to matte lipstick. 
Touch of Spice is a lovely color (I would like it semi sheer and glossy) and it's not too contrasting with my summer coloring. As with all other matte lip colors from American brands, this enhances every lip line I have... 

Anyway, I think I am putting it in a plastic bag (full of lipsticks I used once and never touched again) and will toss it in a few weeks (or Thursday, the garbage collection day).


  1. Yeah, this is another reason why I don't wear mattes, well, aside from the Lunasol Stain Color Lips.

  2. I actually didn't toss it (felt bad since It's kind of new) with the other old lippies, maybe the next run....I still don't see myself using it again.

  3. oh man I was eyeing this color cos of hollyannaeree but you're right, a lot of lipsticks enhance my lip lines -_- I mostly use tinted lip balms and those "color adapting" lip products now. Or I'll do the Korean lip look where I only paint the center part of my lips


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