Friday, November 06, 2015

Revlon Matte Balm in Sultry

Revlon had been my favorite drugstore brands for quite a while but the release for the last two years has been lackluster at best. Their ad campaign has also been annoying to say the least. Instead of seasonal color stories curated by Gucci Westman, now it's the Revlon - Love is On nonesense (basically a varation on the "Use our stuff and get laid" slogan many mass market perfume brands employ). Maybe I am just annoyed by their giant ad display at Time Square (which always attract a huge crowd as it takes picture of passersby and blow it up on screen).

I have tried one Revlon matte balm in the past and wore it twice(The first and the last time) so I blame/credit Liz the Beauty Rductionista for this purchase. She is such an engaging writer who convinced me that I need something I didn't like to start with. This time* the object of desire is a rosy brown my-lips-but-better color for fall.
One is Revlon Sultry another is Maybelline Spirited Spice. I don't remember which is which but my guess is that Sultry is on the right (because the formula has more slip/is wetter). But seriously, I can't tell the two arm swatch apart.
I should have seen this coming. Sultry is far from my-lips-but-better (for that I need a lighter creamy mauve) but something with a strong impact. The formula is slippery that sits on top of the lips but not too difficult to control (I just reminded myself why I never went for a second tube after my initial purchase). Currently, I like the minty smell and that's about it.

The color is an lovely autumnal rosy brown that I can't bring myself to love(It looks dated and heavy). I might like it when it gets warmer and more humid(less lip lines), who knows?

* I actually bought another lipstick after seeing Liz's post and I got sick of the whole matte lip thing before I even had a chance to wear it. Seven months later, I finally wore it today (It's alright). As I said, she is a great writer and I am a sucker (x2). 


  1. This reminds me of the NARS Doce Vita or even BLKR (both I find difficult to pull off). I think it would have made an MLBB shade if it was in a super sheer formula.
    From the Revlon chubby stick range, I only like the first version - Balm Stain. It seems the formulation differs quite a bit depending on the shade, though.

    (BTW, you have the similar enabling power. LOL)

    1. I thought I would like this since I love revlon's peachy/red neutral like pink truffle (lip butter) and honey(balm stain) , I reached for them all the time before I depotted them into the pill pockets....

      Anyway, I think I might get a bobbi brown gold tubed lipstick (once I have a coupon code) since it was ok-ed by you plus another Chinese blogger I follow...I just need to get over the gold tube.

  2. I remember wanting to try this color but the orange one I have made my lips look really textured


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