Thursday, January 28, 2016

Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Gloss in Mirrored Plum

If I am not mistaken, Mirrored Plum was part of Maybelline's Spring 2013. While I caved in on the blushes (Coral Burst and Wild Blossom) as soon as I got the chance, I didn't pay much attention to the lipgloss at the time. I guess they never went on (my kind of sale/below 4 bucks)...Anyway, during one of my evening walk (at Marshalls) later last year, I found a sealed tube for 3 bucks so it's toy time again!

The packaging of the updated Color Sensational lip gloss is much nicer than the old one, with very solid plastic tube and metal cap.  Wand is the same doe-foot, maybe a little bigger and flatter for easier application.
 For the bunch of older Color Sensational Glosses I have reviewed (way back in 2010-2011), there were some variation between shades but most of them have the moisturizing thick gel consistency (some of the better shades are simultaneously moisturizing and creamy while other can be a little more diluted).
Mirrored Plum (creamy purple with silver flecks) is more toward the better formula when it comes to pigmentation and wear so I guess they didn't change the formula much, even the pleasant fruity smell is same as the old one (well doesn't matter any more since Maybelline discontinued the whole line).  The color is quite pretty (and more wearable than it appears on the arm swatch. The formula is comfortable, non-sticky and line-plumping...I like it quite a bit even though there is still a bit of magenta stain after the purple fades...

Ahhh, I miss the old days when drugstore releases are actually worth buying.

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