Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Wet n Wild Comfort Zone, Walking on Eggshell Eyeshadow Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette and Solar Power Blush & Glow

A few weeks ago Wet n Wild was 40% off at Rite Aid again, I didn't let my past experience hinder my haul-age so I picked up more toys to play with. Two of the three products are from the permanent range (and are reviewed to death) so I will spare you the shade description and keep things short.
Color Icon 8-Pan palette is a mostly neutral palette (how I like my shadow nowadays)made famous by a duochrome MAC/Urban Decay dupe (at lower right). Aside from the deep green crease shades, which is slightly dry, sheer and patchy, all of the shadow has nice soft texture that's easy to blend without being too powdery.
Most shades from Comfort Zone have great pigmentation (though most have the same frosty, shimmery finish that show up as the same depth) with the exception of the crease shade (deep green) on second column, which applies more thinly than the other. My favorites are the golden/olive taupe brown bone shade the light nutty crease (on the left) and that shifty duo-chrome on the right, which looks more like a sheer matte brick red than it's teal every time I blend it.
Solar Power Blush and Glow is a two bronzer (look the same once blended) and a shimmery peachy pink blush that looks somewhat matte (despite the presence of some shimmery gold particle).
This looks rather healthy and flattering (as with most other peachy pink) but I find the texture a little powdery (compared to Wet n Wild Color Icon blush).
Walking on Eggshell is a foolproof neutral with a shimmery peachy beige, medium golden brown (less golden compared to the crease shade in Comfort Zone) and a yellowish beige highlighter.
There is nothing magical about the color but they are all very easy to wear and don't get muddy once blended out/layered together. I really like this fuzz-free palette...Until I got another boring neutral palette that's way prettier.

Overall: I think the two palettes are worth the hype to say the least. Not a fan of the blush because the texture is a little more powdery than I like and the bronzer shades aren't very practical for me.


  1. I had a few of these before they were repackaged (& reformulated?). That duochrome shade indeed is interesting and pretty! Wish they sell singles too.
    I want to buy Walking on Eggshell and Silent Treatment next time when they are on sale. :)

    1. Rite aid has the sale all the time so you will have your chance. (actually you are not missing a lot if you don't buy it either...i haven't feel like wearing this after having tried some japanese ones, which layer so much more easiliy/beautifully.


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