Monday, May 11, 2015

Wet n Wild Vinyl Collection Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette, Brow Pencil and Eyeshadow Brush

Here is the part 2 of my Wet n Wild sale week haul. Vinyl Collection is the stand-out piece of the whole Silver Lake Collection (because I am boring with eyeshadow, and I only bother with neutral nowadays). Combined with some glowing reviews online (now to think of it, I am better off staying away from those hyped products because I tend to expect too much for too little), it seems like a fail-proof choice for 3 bucks.

Anyway, here is a shade break down. All the colors are quite pigmented with just the one-swipe swatch. I don't usually get impressed by high-pigmentation in shadows (I thought texture is more important and a delicate sheer with complexity is much harder to execute than...a choke full of pigments). 

Mossy green: With a more warm olive brown leans makes it easier to wear. I like green but I am alright with the color

Golden bronze: This is rich and intense. The shade is a little too warm for me so it looks off .

Matte beige: Not sure what to do with this. Too dark to be a highlight, kind of pointless as a base and too loose to be a blending color.

Matte Brown with coppery flecks: This thins out too much as it's blended.

Sheer metallic copper. A highlighter on top of the shadow, I guess?

Glittery rose gold: Gorgeous allover the lid shade as it also get some depth (taupe-like quality)about this. 

While the colors of these are generally nice (enough that the palette went home with me), I am not a fan of the texture. There is no doubt that it's very smooth, in a talc-tastic way. They are so loose and blendable that using more than one color from the palette would result a brown mush. And I am only comparing to other budget shadow brands like Maybelline and Kiko. Overall, It's pretty but I don't want to spend time dealing with the texture.
Since everything was dirt-cheap. I decided to pick up the In Her Shadow Eyeshadow Brush (to lie around in the apartment) and a Brow Color (because Wet n Wild once made a thick double-end brow pencil that I liked very much and bought a back-up for).  

Well, the shadow brush is smooth enough on the side (but scratchy at the tip). It's a little too flabby to deposit color in a small patch of area, while at the same time, a little too dense/not fluffy enough to be a blending brush. It's solidly constructed and rather affordable (1 dollar regularly and 60 cents on sale) but it's more or less useless. Maybe I will use it to dust my phone jack.
As for the Color Icon Brow Pencil. It came with a spoolie which I like (and that's about it). I find it funny that they carry the equal amount of the shades in black, red (for ginger), deep brown and this taupe one (Blonde moment...Oyyyy) which seems to be the only shade that's remotely wearable.
Wet n Wild Color Icon Brow pencil It's rich and creamy/waxy, the formula applies like a skid mark and fades like a crayon. Basically, nothing like the old Wet n Wild brow pencil I liked. The level of pigmentation in the other brow colors are much easier to work with.

Overall: The brow pencil and eyeshadow brush will probably end up in the bin (I simply don't see myself using them). I will keep the palette for a little longer...but I suspect I won't be bothering wearing that.

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