Saturday, April 25, 2015

Wet n Wild California Roll Eyeshadow Palette

Two weeks ago Rite Aid was running a 40% off sale on all thing Wet n Wild...It was a busy week so I needed some cheap pick me up. I brought two of the palettes from the Silver Lake collection and today I will show you one (just the swatches, since I don't know how to work this thing). 

The two I picked up are California Roll and Vinyl Collection. I think this is actually the first time I am getting these Color Icon Palette (I lost interested in their colors combo aroud 2010). They are simple, tough and doesn't take too much space to store, they could get rid of the useless applicator but maybe people use them?
California Roll is a colorful spring palette with beige-gold, corals and greens. I don't have any clue how to wear them (aside for the beige) but just looking at this makes me happy. Here is the color break down.

1. Frosty medium mint
2. Matte grassy green with gold shimmer
3. Pale golden highlight (frosty again)
4. Matte warm red
5. Matte creamy peach
6.Semi sheer rose gold with glitters

One swipe swatch (these do swatch nicely even though the finishes is a different across the board). The shadow has some fly-out but it generally firmly pressed enough and easy to grab with finger and brush.

The gold and rosegold are no-brainer allover wash. Coral and red actually work well as a warm lid shade that doesn't go eye-infection on me. When the two (beautiful, shall I add) greens are blended out, I get an allover matte stain of colors that leaves me clueless, but they look nice when packed on as accents...I am sure with a good opaque base and primer these would work beautifully for the dramatic makeup (just not a look I am looking for). 

Overall: I think it's a fun palette at a deserving price ($2.4 during sale) with OK texture (Gilded Age and those ancient Mega Eyes Palette are way better). I think the color combo and thin-powdery is a little challenging for me but it could be that I just happen to be at the other side of makeup-wearer spectrum.
So, here is the rest of my haul for that sale week (I also picked up an replacement for Nutty, since I destroyed my old one while trying to depot it). Let's see how it goes. Spoiler alert: I still haven't fall back in love with the brand...2009 is never coming back.

Here is a full display for the Silver Lakes collection palette. I skipped the rest since these other shades look harder to work with.

All the pastel nail polish

Sharpener (had one from the brand before. This could be a new and improved version but I will never touch it again. Basically the old one sharpens the whole thing, including the cord), falsie, eyeshadow brush and mascara. The eyeshadow brush looks like it was nicely shaped so I got it to try.
Foundation and powder brush, both looks reasonably well-made.


  1. I got the pastelly aquatic palette and have been having fun with it. Agree it's not the best quality but it's good enough for the price. Was also tempted by California Roll because it looks like an apple orchard in makeup form and looks so cheerful, but I wouldn't really wear those colours.

    Btw, you have the cutest blog wall paper! THE CUTEST.

    1. Ahh, I have been thinking about removing the wallpaper (I nicked it from some "mori girl" group on weibo) since I have had it for forever (maybe 4 years) and some people ask me for the original image to...use in a nursery. That's says something about my taste.


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