Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wet n Wild The Gilded Age Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio

Wet n Wild The Gilded Age Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio is a part (or half) of the Summer Go for the Gold Collection, featuring three warm shimmery shades: Pinkish beige, medium chocolate brown and bronzy gold. While there isn't an exciting  stand-out shade (aka, the only shade I use from a palette) such as dusty lilac, silvery taupe or mermaid teal. I found all three shadows from the trio wearable and likely-to-be flattering. In fact, it looks like it could be part of the Urban Decay naked palette.
The texture of the new Color Icon eyeshadow is similar to their Mega Eyes Trio (that got replaced): It's pigmented smooth,buttery to the touch and easy to blend.On the dustiness scale, Wet n Wild shadow seems to lie between Stila (powdery but fine enough for tight-lining)and Urban Decay eyeshadow (firmly pressed and easy to grab).I experienced a bit of fall out with the lid shade but it can be minimized when I put it on a padding motion.
One-Swipe (as usual) Swatch of Wet n Wild The Gilded Age Eyeshadow Trio - I like how this palette doesn't look too warm against my skin.
Stila Kitten and The Gilded Age Brow Bone Shade(I think we have a dupe here!) For people who wonder, Stila Kitten is a tad lighter/less pink in color and has a silkier, thinner glide on skin.
Another no-brainer EOTD using Beige at inner corner, brown shade under eye and gold on the lid. 

Overall: (I feel so "uncool" saying it but here it goes) The Gilded Age trio is a gorgeous trio with very wearable colors (that would pair well with a teal/blue eyeliner) and great texture to work with. Did I mention it's only 3 bucks?


  1. the colors are very pretty with good intensity-hard to go wrong with this one!

  2. The colors in this are so pretty, but I feel like I already have them in other palettes.

  3. The shades look very pretty and pigmented!

  4. haha Why do you feel uncool? The palette has such an appropriate name and gorgeous colors.

  5. Kalmo:
    So many people have already reviewed/raved about it and it's kind of lame I am doing the same review pratically talking about the same thing.

  6. Leticia:
    I am guessing to have the Urban Decay naked palette? Sin, Half Baked and Hustle (I swatched them in Sephora a while back) look pretty close to the 3 shades from Wet n Wild.

  7. I heard that these Wet n Wild palettes (the ones w/ the browbone, lid, crease, liner print on it) swatch beautifully but don't look like that on the lids, hmm

  8. I love the shades! There are some shades of browns that I really like and this palette got it covered!

  9. I have yet to see any new Wet and Wild products in my stores. I am so jealous!

  10. cjx3pooh:
    I actually don't mind if they don't show up trully gold (since the color only looks good on me when it's sheered out) but I did notice how the brown turnes a little muddy.

    The brown here is OK though, a bit too frosty and sheer when used.

    I Bleed Pink:
    I saw it a few weeks ago on the actual Wet n Wild shelf in HEB(instead of a separate display) so you might want to look there instead.

  11. Woooow! I've been avoiding purchasing Kitten but the Wet n Wild dupe is right up my alley. I normally don't care for frosted shades but that one tone might be worth it. xD

  12. Where did you find your WNW Gilded Age palette?
    I've been stalking my local Walgreens, Rite Aid and CVS but still haven't come acroos them.

  13. Eden-Avalon:
    I think you will like the gold shade in the palette as well, the kitten dupe is alright (I like the stila texture better though).

    I found them at HEB (Texas-based grocery store)inside the permanent Wet n Wild display (it seems that they also have been restocking pretty often) so Wet n Wild might decided to make it permanent.


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