Thursday, April 30, 2015

NYC Liquid Lip Shine in Guava & Passion Fruit

I review NYC liquid lip color years and years (ok, just three) ago and it was a pleasant purchase (beside the color was a little too red/dull for me to love it). They never added more interesting color in the range through out the years but luckily, I spotted these from the City Samba collection  (I supposed that the collection didn't sell well as it's from summer 2014). Anyway, I bought these weeks after the first sighting, when I checked out, these were only a dollar a piece!
Applicators is still the same firm duck-beak. Scent is the annoying baked sweets, consistency is mostly non-sticky but a little thicker than how I remember my first purchase. 
Guava is a creamy grandma magenta(not fuchsia, not plum...either of which I would prefer) with tiny blue micro glitter. If I would know how much redder it would turn out, I would have never gotten this (just a personal dislike for the color)...Did I mention that I hate it when they add shimmer/glitter in this kind of bold color? 

Passion Fruit is a sheer (enough to show up slight orange) coral with golden fleck-like shimmer, which is a more doable combo for me.
Guava on lips(So this kind of color always photograph much better than it looks). The blue sheen of the gloss is quite apparent in real life and the garish quality looks a little more toned down here. Basically, this is pretty much what I think of most shades from NYC.
So I applied too much of the Passion Fruit that I gunked up (again) but this color seems rather simple and flattering. Overall: These will probably end up in a bin since I don't see myself wearing these shades (coral is too sheer and blah, and I just downright hate Guava) and the prints on the tubes are already very scratched.

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