Sunday, November 23, 2014

Revlon Cream Blush in Charmed

Note: The condensation was crazy as it was taken back in late September (which was still part of the the extended summer down here).
Charmed is the fourth and newest shade of the Revlon Potted Cream Blush (There are Pinched, Flush
 and Coral Reef, which I didn't bother to get since reddish coral cheek stain tend to look like sunburn on me). For this shade, they got rid of Photoready (because the blush barely shows up in picture?) and the Revlon logo turned into a golden emboss (from the white label).
Anyway, the shiny black lid is as scratch-prone as ever, which you can tell from the picture (taken not too long after the purchase). Anyway, I love the big hefty 14g pot. However, I also wish they would condense the same amount of pigment into a smaller pot...
 Charmed is (hard to photograph) a dusky, plum rose with silver shimmer (which doesn't show up on skin). It must has something to do with aging (or it was the polar cold front that struck everywhere) , because I have been really into this kind of shade. I learn to appreciate this kind of fun-neutral, in which you can find both warmth (in the duskiness) and a bit of coolness (in the plummy base).
A swipe and blended out (of course, with a little bit more rubbing the whole thing was gone from my wrist). The formula is the same as the other Revlon Photoready Cream Blush that it applies slippery but in a dry way. I get frosted glass finish on the skin (due to the high -cone content, number 1 in the ingredient list), that reminds me of those pore-blurring primer. Pigmentation is as poor as the other two, the color is deeper so layering is less frustrating...So it shows up very well but the foggy finish builds up far more quicklythan the flush.

While I would have prefer a translucent-yet-strong dose of pigment, the frosted finish has its own appeals. It down plays textural imperfections like pores, adds a teeny bit of coverage with the fogginess (so that the blush doesn't look out of place being worn alone) and gives a fairly unique kind of cute sorbet look, which I like in Flush (I am guessing if they have a bright carrot orange the texture would also work)...But not with this shade (which looks like the kind of color you get on your cheek when you doze off on a hard surface. Instead from within, it's floating on top...
One last picture with dim lighting (the most product pictures in the post are little warmer/lighter than what the color is). Overall: It's an usable blush that's natural and easy to wear. I am still on the fence about if I like it or not (consider I got it for less than 5 bucks)...Anyway, it;'s definitely a rip off at $14+, the CVS regular retail price.
Speaking of CVS - I saw these Revlon Love is On Gift Set (I like the lip version) with 5 items for 20 bucks, which seems like a really good deal. Then I saw it on other site that the same kit retails for 15 at other drugstore (I think it's called Harmon?).

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