Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Revlon Flushed Photoready Cream Blush

A belated review of a summer 2012 product (since when am I ever up-to-date anyway?) - Revlon Photoready cream blush in Flush is a vivid blue-pink that doesn't show any noticeable shimmer once worn (there are still some silver flecks if you tilt the pan in a certain angle). For around 14 dollars (I think I paid less than 5 after some coupon stacking), you get a big, 14g tub of blush with a simple, sleek-looking (but rather scratch prone) lid. I was pleasant surprised that once I peel off the label, there is a print Revlon logo right in the center.
Unlike the shimmery peach one I have reviewed - Flush has more of a sorbet-like finish(that's a little less slippery and feels more powder/dry on the face), the pigmentation also happens to be a little better that I don't have to dip and re-dip for any color. I noticed a bit of very faint sweet scent that shouldn't be bothersome for most people.
Flush gives a brightening raspberry flush on the skin that's rather flattering. However, I noticed that compared to other cream blush (Stila Convertible color and Canmake cream cheek) this also disappears/gets rubbed off quite quickly. I can barely notice the flush after a few hours. Overall: If you can get it for a few bucks, it's still a fun toy to play with (that's difficult to go wrong), but for its normal retails, the pigmentation and lasting power are just too bad. (I would prefer they make it 1/3 its side while holding the same amount of pigment).


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