Thursday, July 25, 2013

109 - Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Matte Lipstick

There is no elaborated extreme couponing story behind the purchase. Basically, I got the five dollar beauty club reward  for hoarding enough junks at CVS and it was burning a hole in my pocket (Ahh, my moment of weakness)... The newish Revlon Lasting Finish by Kate Matte lipstick was released early this year, since I generally like how Rimmel does the colors (As for the formula...Not so much),  I grabbed the coral one. 
Rimmel 109 is a blend of red, orange and some pink (which is more prominent on the lips), the thing that stops me form calling it a reddish-orange or punchy pink is that, there is enough cream-tone to soften it down into a sort of cantaloupe. The matte formula is even, intense (enough that I don't need to layer on) and admittedly a little thin, waxy and slippery. Those are the qualities that I associate with "cheap lipsticks" but I suppose it's still the best for its price(well, this is the only lipstick in the 5-dollar price range, at least in US drugstore). 
Rimmel 109, 12, Mac Crosswire, Max Factor Sweet Tart, Revlon Colorburst Peach. Somebody commented on Essiebutton's blog that the shade is pretty similar to Revlon Strawberry Suede, I am not going to confirm but I suppose the Revlon formula is a little better. Instead of that artificial cherry smell (which the normal Kate lipsticks have), the matte one has a fairly strong, sour candy sort of smell that takes more than a few minutes to fade.
On my lips, the Rimmel Matte lipstick is very drying and it sort of clings on the crevices an creates a lip-line galore. The mildly pasty formula dries down and last for a good few hours (until I have to eat/drink anyway) and seems a little more homogeneous (less slip and no traveling beyond lip)  than the normal Lasting Finish by Kate lipsticks. Overall: It's not the best matte formula but I really like the color of 109, which has a bit of retro glamour to it (that's also wearable for everyday). 

Anyway, here is a full faced look (with pursed lips, so no lip line) with the lipstick.
Other products I wore are: Shiseido sunscreen (used as a mattifying primer/sheer foundation, it leaves just enough white cast to bring my face to the same shade as my neck. The forehead, however, was helpless...), Milani Luminoso blush (If you look really hard...Nope, I can't see it myself), a neutral eye with beige-brown from Maybelline shadow (of course it just disappeared so I added some Milani liner, shown on yesterday's post) and Covergirl Lashblast Volume mascara.The denim polka dot dress was a clearance-rack find from Marshalls (only 10 bucks)


  1. pretty orangey coral! and nice FOD!

    1. Thanks! Now I just need to find the same shade in a better formula.

  2. I've been a longtime lurker :) You are gorgeous and lovin' the lips :)

    1. Hehe, thank you and happy de-lurking!


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