Sunday, June 23, 2013

Stila Lip Glaze in Vanilla, Orchard & Spice

Long time no Stila (if you have read this blog long enough, I used to be crazy about the brand back in 2008-2009, then in 2010 a new management team rolled in and I was a bit put off by their marketing). Anyway, I spotted the lip glazes (I have a few in the past, finished every single one of them!) in Nordstrom Racks so I guess it's time to give the brand another try. After all, the clicky pens are pretty fun to use (once you get passed the OCD thing) and they usually come in pretty flattering colors.
The Harvest sets come with three nudes (the color category I come to appreciate as I am getting older and...more like lazier). Vanilla is a shimmery beige with a bit of pink undertone, Orchard is a frosty metallic pink (like rose gold...would love this in an eyeshadow) and spice, a semi sheer peachy brown-beige with some micro-glitter.
The lip glaze set (12 dollar at normal retails for 3 x 1.5ml tubes, while the old Lip Glaze are 20-ish dollars for 2.4ml or so) all come with a plug at the top and now they are all made in China instead of  USA. Couhtry of origin shouldn't matter that much if the brand goes through the same standard and quality control...Well, they didn't though. The new tubes use paint that get rubbed of easily the consistency of these are quite different from the older version. 
Anyway, spice is the runniest of the three. So runny that not only it no longer has the line-filling ability of lip glaze, the gloss gets dried out easily. There is a cheap molten plastic + burnt sugar smell...On the bright side, the color is very neutral and flattering. I almost finished this up after a week because it's so runny so I just junked it on everyday.
Vanilla (smells like baked sweet) has a tacky texture (similar to all the older lip glaze), medium pigmentation that's semi-frosty. The color looks a little bland and doesn't really do much for me.
Orchard (smells like Asian flower candies!) is a very frosty and thick rose gold that takes quite some time to apply, the shimmer also has a tendency to travel outside the lip lines. It's not a bad color but I guess pinkish nude (as opposed to frosty orange coral) just kind of look bland on me.

Overall: For the on sale price (for a few bucks) these lip glaze are fun toys to play with...Now I really want to buy some of their corals (I remember there was a shade called Pon Pon Gerbera that I loved so much).


  1. I have never been a snob wrt where a product is manufactured. But recently I came across a really foul smelling one - sleek storm palette. I don't know if they simply neglected adding in fragrance to neutralize the chemical smell or they are really usin questionable raw materials. It broke my heart to throw it away but I really couldn't bear to use that on my face anymore (oh but it is a gorgeous palette). Sigh. I have since found a few others that smell like that - wet n wild walking on eggshells ( yes another gorgeous palette), some Jane old palettes, and some makeup from daiso. I went online to search but have not seen a single peep from anyone else on these smells. Well I may be the only one, but it now kinda matters to me where something is made:(

    1. Could it be the weather in down there? I have a sample vial of ink (made in Japan) that nobody complains about but when I inked it in one of my pens...It got all slimy. I suppose I don't really care where things are made as long as they don't charge an inappropriate price, like how Nuance (the Salma Hayek brand) are all made in Taiwan but they charges "US" price for it (and tries so hard to not include the country of their origin in their packaging).

  2. These are gorgeous colors though!!

  3. I quit Stila Lip Glazes a few years ago. They're way too tacky and sticky for me :(

    1. I actually kind of appreciate it because it stays on and soak off a lot of the dead skins. Strangely my lips are really dry in the heat of summer...while it was alright during winter (the cooler summer = =...


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