Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stila Tacky Tassel - The Update

Here is an update regarding the belts I blogged about earlier. Do you know that I got a personal reply on the post from Patricarch? Well, they replied me not because I am popular, I was simply one of the 3 people who gave the We-are-not-here-to-hassel-you-we-are-here-to-tassel-you video a 1/5 rating and they tracked me down. (Ok, I logged on YouTube with the username "Citrinesblog"...)

It was like leaving my ID at the bank I robbed...
Anyway, a month after the Tassel Me stepped foot on Stila's website...It's still there and nobody cares... On the front page, I am glad to see that they finally removed the music video that starts itself everytime I enter the site and sings: "No matter what has ever come to me, I got mah, own brand of company..." Which was cute (until you know what the lyrics is about) at first time and increasingly annoying afterward.

And is it just me or that the Stila music player was a bit of a joke? I mean, the player doesn't play videos itself, it's just a train case with speakers...And who in the world bothers to plug her i-Pod on a train case to apply makeup while you can just bring your makeup bag right next to your computer ...

I guess a train case sized like that would be perfect for makeup artist on the go but I personally hope the person who does my face on my wedding day would know her stuff before hand, instead of needing to watch those "Tutorial" while the whole world is waiting. Looking at the current style of their website, it seems to me that Stila is heading to the As-Seen-On-TV route for their advertising: "Gorgeous bronze and natural tones that look great on everyone...Complimentary lip glaze, 60 days supply of foundation and an DVD..."

A 60 day supply? Are you selling herbal pills here?
250 dollar value, now only 70 bucks plus tax so order NOW before it's too late.

They were even doing this to the Holiday smudge pots sets. I am sorry...but four of mini Smudge pots and a freebie brush DO NOT value at 95 dollars.

More As-seen-on-tv-awesomeness but ...What is so high-tech about a box with speakers? Perfect to use at home or on-the-go? (Looks like it's taken from the ad for a "handy vacuum pump")

Technical remark: MP3, which stands for MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3, is an audio encoding format. You won't be able to "watch" MP3 unless you are experiencing the condition called synesthesia.

Of course, Lynn Tilton
is the oh-so-empowering beauty and the brain behind all these inventions, the curvy blond bombshell was also chosen (by herself) to be the new spoke model of Stila Cosmetics. What will happen next? Let's keep our fingers crossed...


  1. I had a good laugh, thank you. <3

    That tassel thing tries too hard to reach 'fad' status or something.

  2. Kim:
    I am actually a bit depressed by this since all those people simple saved the stila from death only to have her working as a cheap ho...

  3. Ughh. I totally agree. I can't believe they replied and can connect your ratings to your account! Had no idea... I really don't like Lynn Tilton modeling the products. Sorting off-putting.

  4. Oh sorry I misread the rating thing.

  5. Smiley:
    My wording is just not clear (not many people know that they can connect multiple account so they don't have to sign in multiple times on those social webiste.) so I have changed it a bit :)

  6. this made my day!

  7. This. Is. Awesome. XD
    I thought the train case was pretty stupid too...

  8. As much as I love Stila cosmetics, I find the case to be cheap and gimmicky. Remember the Caboodles from the 90's? They were $10-20. The makeup player reminds me of one of those cheap ones. Sadly, Stila's image is also cheapened because you can find most of their cosmetics on discount websites (BeautyTicket, BeautyCrunch) a few months after release for a fraction of the price. They do deliver high quality and beautiful products, but their marketing department is in desperate need of an overhaul.

  9. Also, I just finished reading the remarks on your tassel post. That is rude and uncalled for, a large corporation bullying a girl's blog just because she expressed her honest opinion. I'm deeply sorry I placed an order with this company just yesterday. This is not a way to promote your brand. Unfortunately, I do believe it will be my last Stila purchase because of what I have read on your blog.

  10. CM:
    Lol, if you think what the patriarch people said was "bullying and uncalled for" I suggest you to skip reading all of my longer/pms posts or you will sure to hate me...

    Anyway, I hope you don't really stop buying Stila since some of their items (like convertible colors and brushes) are truly aweseome...I personally would just stay of anything "invented" by Lynn Tilton and marketed by the new advertisement team.


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