Thursday, May 30, 2013

All That Glitters - Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss

Revlon All That Glitter Colorburst Lip Gloss is one of  four shades from their Holiday 2012 Just Add Sparkle Collection, it eventually ended up in Big Lots, where I managed to scoop it for $1.5 (Yay for cheap toy!). The gloss looks like a so-shimmery-that-it-gets-frosty white from the tube and the color probably scared away some potential customers. Their lost is my gain and behold, here is one of the (two? the other one is DiorKiss in Granny Smith) most unique and interesting gloss in my collection!
Once a applied, All that Glitter shows its true color - A clear base with a ton (really, a ton!) of flakies. You can tell the rainbow of color but once chopped this size, yellow and white become the most prominent colors it flashes. Despite the amount of solid bits, the gloss still retains it's gel-like consistency, aka the ability to moisturize and plump away the lip lines. Even though it feels nice on the lips, the small flakies still have a tendency to migrate around the lip boundary (I am OK with it though).
Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in All that Glitter by itself. It's more of a clear gloss with a golden sheen by itself.  I normally dislike shimmer (more like I hate frosty gloss that turn my lips more sausage-like than they already are) but I adore it when it's in lighter warmer coral. It's like a sprinkle of sunshine on the lips, bringing glow to the whole face (when I am too lazy to wear anything else).

Revlon All that Glitter as a base for Covergirl Trushine lipstick in Coral Shimmer (a coral with silver instead of the typical golden shimmer, one of my most used lipstick)- It makes the color and finish of the lipstick appear softer and more delicate and the wear also becomes more comfortable.

Overall: Another keeper from Revlon. Good job! (Oh, I have hauled a few Revlon products during clearance sale so watch out for those reviews).


  1. looks good but wondering if its a bit too shimmery for me.

    1. It's actually more subtle than most of the shimmery glosses out there (like Stila lip glaze) and if you can locate it, it makes a great base.


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