Thursday, March 14, 2013

Coral Tattoo - L'Oreal Colour Caresse Shine Stain

Even though L'Oreal Colour Caresse Shine Stain was coined as the affordable dupe of (the oh-so-popular) YSL glossy stain,  it didn't cause that much of a stir in the beauty world (at least not as much as the Revlon Balm stain) as it was launched in US early this year. I picked up a tube just to see what it's like and it turns out to be quite special: The first orange-red/coral that I am not crazy about.
The gloss stain (6.3ml of it) comes in a light and shiny plastic-coated-with-golden-paint tube with a clear belt, showing the color of the product. I like the slightly-spongy leave-shaped applicator, which is the perfect size and shape to spread the gloss around. However, I don't get why is there a hole in the middle: When I press to dispense the gloss, it gushed out from the other side (if I turn it around, the same thing happens again).
L'Oreal Coral Tattoo, Maybelline Salsa Sun, Revlon Continuous Coral and NYC Tangerine Crush - Once worn, it's also quite similar to Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Coral...Which is also discontinued. Coral Tattoo (188, I swear I didn't get it for that Chinese lucky number thing) is just another one of those orange-red kind of coral that's not unique in my stash (but at least it doesn't have a strong cherry undertone).

The texture of the L'Oreal shine stain is like a condensed liquid: Even though it feels more watery than it is creamy/jelly (how YSL feels like), it somehow give a strange thick, staining (like how it's drawing water away from my lips) sensation on my lips. It's like it's perfectly wet-looking on the outside yet my (not dry, but highly permeable) lips still feels dry and uncomfortable on the inside.
L'Oreal Colour Caresse Shine Stain in Coral Tattoo on the lips - If something is moisturizing/wet, it always fills in my lip lines so I am surprised that something this wet would do the exact opposite (my lips also turn more wrinkly the longer I wear it).  On the bright side, the wetness and color are indeed very long-lasting (I get 3-4hrs of wear) even though I personally don't care for the color (it's nice but the other coral/orange in my stash just happen to be prettier) or the wear.

Overall: I am not crazy about the look (of wrinkly, glazed bold coral lips) but I suppose Coral Tattoo still has its perks (the color is kind of vintage-looking and pretty much all of its dupes are either limited edition or discontinued)...Hmmm, at least I really like the synthetic rose smell (reminds me of Benetint and Shu Uemura gloss).


  1. I had an orange/coral fever some time ago but now I'm just tired of this color. It looks nice on your lips anyway... always thought that coral,oranges and reds look gorgeous on your lips. Benetint and posietint have been my favorites but I ordered a josie maran's magic marker for cheeks and lips to see how it works. Ever tried it? it's cool cause it's organic.

    1. I think I am starting get tired (well, more like I have pretty much all shades of orange and coral already and there is no point to buy more) the color as well and now I am just going back to pink. The idea of the josie maran marker is interesting but I think those would run out really quickly with frequent uses(and I am not sure how it spreads on cheeks?)...Well, as if I actually finish lip products = = ....

  2. lol, I never finish mine. Well, I'll try it soon, waiting for sephora to ship it at my home and then I tell you what I think about it. I'm wondering how I'm going to use it on cheeks too but I'm pretty sure that must be a way. I'm so excited about josie maran's products cause I tried the argan oil and the serum foundation and they are so OH! amazing! :))) btw, talking of pinks, the color jitterbug of this marker is awesome, check it out later, will be my next one.


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