Thursday, November 29, 2012

Maybelline Tough as Taupe, Bad to Bronze Color Tattoo Eyeshadow / Brow Gel

Yeah yeah, another Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow review (and no, I am not finished yet) and this time, it's the two neutrals. Nothing new to say about the shadow, beside they are creamy, easily to use and last quite a while on my oily lid. In fact, they are quite similar to Benefit Creaseless Cream that they are pigmented and budge-proof enough to be used as a gel liner.
Tough as Taupe is a creamy mousey gray with some silver micro-sparkle. On my skin, the color looks cement-like when applied like as a shadow/liner but I found that when used in moderation (the tiniest bit with a synthetic brush), it works as a natural/long-lasting brow filler. I like to just use it on the bald patch as tend to go overbroad if I have too much product on hand. In the other hand, Bad to Bronze is a shimmery copper taupe that's just all-around amazing. I use it as a lid shade that's diffusing upward but I am sure people can come up with fancier looks.
L'Oreal Bronzed Taupe, Maybelline Bad to Bronze, Caffeine Rush Palette (the taupe on its right), L'Oreal Electrified and Maybelline Tough as Taupe.
After a few wipes with wet towelette, they are still clinging onto the skin. The stain on the far left is also one of  Color Tattoo shadow.


  1. They look great! Hrm... want to check out some time...

  2. Wow thats impressive! Love the color too

  3. I love Bad to the Bronze-its an essential in my daily makeup kit!

  4. Kuri:
    Yeah, they are totally worth the price.

    Lol, I am guessing it was also because the Lumene wipes are more on the gentle side. Anyway, I wish they have more neutrals.

    Yeah, I see that in a lot of people's favorites.

  5. I love these! Cream eyeshadows usually turn into an ugly mess on my lids after a couple of hours, but these stay put and crease-free for the entire day. And they are so pigmented too.

  6. I've been meaning to get Bad to the Bronze, need to get to Target one of these days :) I haven't tried Taupe as Taupe as a brow filler, good idea


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