Saturday, October 27, 2012

Maybelline Gold Shimmer Color Tattoo Eyeshadow

Gold Shimmer is one of the few limited edition Color Tattoo shadow from the Maybelline Fall 12 Collection -I planned to get the deep brown and moss green one but the collection got wiped out so quickly that by the time I gave the display a second look...This is the only shade left. So I kind of had to get this (at full price...yikes).
Luckily, Gold Shimmer is different enough from the Gold tattoo shade I own: It's a shimmery antique gold (with a brownish golden olive undertone), brown enough to also impart a bit of depth once on the lid. Unlike Bold Gold, this doesn't look too yellow once my skin becomes paler during the colder months.

As with other Color Tattoo (I have a bunch but I have only reviewed two), it's smooth, pigmented and super long lasting (even on my hooded and supposedly oily lids).  Gold Shimmer itself is just a slap-and-go kind of color that doesn't look out of place when I slack on the mascara part.

Swatches of the "neutral" Color Tattoo eyeshadow - Bold Gold, Gold Shimmer (kind of look chestnut brown?) , Bad to Bronze (hey this is taupe!) and Tough as Taupe (come on this is cement gray with a pretty strong purple/blue undertone!). I will spare you the allover-the-lid EOTD, since there will be plenty of those later on. 


  1. Gold Shimmer and Bad to Bronze are GORGEOUS!!!! I do wonder how "Bad to Bronze" would look once you layer it with other taupe eyeshadows you own!

  2. Bad to Bronze is actually very standard "shimmery taupe" (at least from my stash)and given the opacity, I think it's would just make other shadow longer lasting and maybe a little more vibrant. I mean, it's looks really nice by itself though.

  3. Gold Shimmer looks pretty! I haven't tried any of these as I hardly touch the cream eyeshadows in my stash as it is.


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