Sunday, September 16, 2012

I Have a Thing for Tins - Hello Kitty Edition

I always have a soft spot for tins (because it reminds me of the pencil cases I used back in elementary school as well as those fancy hard candy tins...My favorite one was fruit candy packaged in red Garfield and friends tin, the even-cooler part is that it's also shaped like an old fashioned liquor bottle), I have shown you my mini Nivea tin collection a few weeks ago and here is more!
Hello Kitty Sour Orange Skelly Bones Candy (3.49 dollars at Michael's) which is a limited edition for this Halloween. Love the glossy black contrasting the little orange bow. The candy itself (which looked like dog biscuit) was pretty mediocre.
Valetine's Day (Of course I bought it on clearance at a little over a dollar) candy bracelet from Walgreens- The perfect size for the 18 tubes of gouache paint I have. Again, I kind of hated the candy inside.
From Marshall's snack isle - Jelly Belly Hello Kitty's favorite flavor (Urgh, how can she eat without a mouth?) - Which includes Apple, vanilla and I don't remember what-that-spotted-one-was. The candy are not bad at all (in American standard) and I love how the jelly bean shaped tin has a hinge. When padded, this is the perfect case for my smaller jade pieces.
A sour apple candy (pellet shaped) case that's also from Michael's. I got it two years ago and I can't seem to find it any more. The metal is a little thin on this one that it disfigure very easily.
While I am at it - Hello Kitty toaster founded at Target (it even makes a kitty shaped burn!). Seems like a great way to start your day, if you eat toast for breakfast.
I always pick up on or two seasonal M & Ms  (M is my initial so I can pretent it M for "my name") tin as they are really well-made. I had a lilac one for Easter but I can't seem to find the lid...They don't seem to have a new design for this Halloween (maybe it's too fancy to be given away during Treat or Trick) so I am waiting for the holiday 2012 edition.
Sneak peek of a (not really new, since I got it back in July) upcoming review - Shiseido Majolica Majorca puff de cheek in Cherry Macaron. The color actually looks rather similar to MAC a bite of an apple blush. Even though I want to get more of these just to have them lined up together, I think I will just sticking to my candy tins instead. They are more fun to hunt and better for my wallet.

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  1. It's very cute. I also like KITTY too.


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