Saturday, July 28, 2012

Nivea Soft Moisturizing Creme and My Tin Collection

Nivea Soft Moisturizing Creme is a light, fluid cream moisturizer with gentle powdery floral scent (that turns a little rubbery after it's rubbed in). With just a little dab, it moisturizes and leave my skin soft and free of residue. I couldn't double-peel the label off to review the ingredients (not to mention their website contains too much half nekkid people and making out for my to stay/find out any detail).

It actually works really well as a night time moisturizer as it hydrates without giving too much oil (it hasn't caused any reaction, bump or milia seed.  For a carried-around cream on the go, I just find it a little too runny for my liking so I will just be sticking to the blue tins...since they are so darn cute.
Here are some of the tins  I have collected for the past few months - I have a thing for round tins...
The multi-cultural one - At least it doesn't have people "touch and be touched" (what kind of brand slogan is that?)
My Favorite of the real-life picture bunch because there is no face!  Most of the time, I don't want keep pictures of random people (unless it's Johnny's Juniors...)


  1. I tried the blue Nivea cream and it broke me out on my face, I like it as a hand cream at night though!

  2. I've got countless of these little babies in many of my purses, in my car, my desk etc. So cheap and they work on my often red/irritated/dry knuckles very well!

  3. Connie:
    When it tried it a few months ago, it did give me some milia seeds but for some reason it's working better in summer (especially after the nivea creme soft soap). It was decent as a hand cream but the smell is a little too strong to be taken out in the public.

    I have 10 of them (blue tins)mainly because I got them for free at CVS.Lol.


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