Thursday, September 20, 2012

Covergirl Lashblast Volume Mascara

Covergirl Lashblast Volume Mascara is one of the many spins on the original LastBlast formula - This limited edition color-blocking tube was released earlier this year (maybe around April/May) and has quickly made it to Big Lots, which is where I picked it up (for $1.5 otherwise I would never buy it, since it normally retails for 7 dollars and never goes on sale in drugstores).
The applicator is exactly the same as the original lash blast (big, rubbery and not pokey at all) and the product seems to have very similar have a slightly thicker/pastier consistency, the other noticeable difference (before I start using) would be the strong, generic mascara smell that made me wonder if it has gone bad. Well,unless it was exposed to extreme heat, it shouldn't. As it's fairly new release and sealed in paper package. 
Covergirl Lashblast Volume gives me a nice amount (nothing dramatic but definitely not barely-there either) of length and volume, with the bonus of some chipping at the ends if I do more than 2 layers. It fares reasonably well in the curl-holding aspect, as in "doesn't droop down and poke straight down within 30 minutes". My favorite part about this would be how well it lasts (something that most mascara fail on me) : Even with the chipping, it doesn't fall on my undereyes and it stayed smudge-proof for a 8-hour day...For an 1.5-dollar mascara, that's pretty darn amazing.

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