Sunday, August 26, 2012

Maohua Makeover - Rock the Lauren Look

Here is a simple DIY project I did last August - A pair of earrings with big silver hooks (dwarfed by the even-bigger dangling parts) faceted onyx, carnelian beads and two pieces of vintage carnelian hat adornment (maohua).  
The red and black theme was inspired by Ralph Lauren's Fall 2011 Collection,  I almost wanted to name this post "How to Rock the Ralph Lauren look for cheap"...Before I realized that technically, my version would be more expensive to make. As their "jade" earrings (retails for around 500 pounds on their UK site) are made of green plastic, mass-production cinnabar and swarovski crystal (i.e. glass).
Since the two hat adornments are different in length and size, I decided to use a faceted carnelian bead to make up for the length. The result - an even-heavier dumbbell on the ear that's a little painful to wear. So I guess at least the Ralph Lauren version would be rather light and user-friendly.
I have two more pieces of the carnelian (I purchased a bunch from a vintage stamp dealer on eBay and gave away/sold a few) left...Now I wonder what should I do with them. I will probably just leave them as they are since I don actually like to wear my jade/stone collection anyway.

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