Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Yardley Sea Mineral Skin Smoothing Bath & Shower Gel

Yardley Bath and Shower Gel is a recent release from the past months. I managed to buy two different bottles (another one of my brain freeze moments) and here is the review for the Sea Mineral Skin Smoothing Bath and Shower Gel.

Sea Mineral shower gel has an extremely runny texture: Not only it disappears into the shower mesh upon immediate contact, it also takes at least five pumps to create just a thin bubbly film (when I apply it with my hand). The smoothing part is a total joke since there are only a few pieces of (chunky) scrubbers, floating on the thin base.
Even with many pumps, the lemon-scented (think Pledge furniture polish) body wash doesn't even clean that well, I can still feel the residue of my sunscreen (as well as some leftover from the body wash itself) after rinsing.  

Overall: A horrible product at 5 dollars (regular price) but I got it for 2 bucks so I can just use it as hand wash. You might want to try their Sea Mineral soap since it smells pretty good (in an oceanic way),  and looks cool (it's colored turquoise). No comment on how the soap formula performs though, since I hate the first one I have tried.
Ingredient List of the Yardley Sea Mineral Bath and Shower Gel

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