Thursday, May 03, 2012

Yardley Pomegranate Rose Moisturizing Body Bar

For shower uses, I prefer bar soap over liquid body wash because they (at least the good ones) makes creamier foam and rinse off squeaky clean...and that's not the case with the Yardley Pomegranate Rose Body Bar. For something this cute (look at the salmon color and the oat-y bits!), marked as "naturally moisturizing", this is surprisingly similar to generic soap - smells like one (sharp sour fruit notes lingering on a soapy base), foams like one and leaves tightness on skin after rinsing. I guess my undergarments wouldn't mind those...


  1. I've FINALLY FINALLY started to see Yardley soaps around here so I'm curious to try them. Buuuut probably not this one. I don't like the kind that leave your skin tight ; w ;

    1. Oh, you should probably try (I will) their mango and sea salt exfoliating (something like that), they smells super fresh and yummy (I sniffed the boxes at Walgreens).


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